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Adept II

just curious as i am new to amd graphics cards

hi all

as the title says i am just curious and not familiar at all with how amd do their drivers as i've just recently made the switch over from nvidia  (gtx 1070 strix to rx 5700 xt gaming x)

nvidia have already released a new graphics driver for the new call of duty modern wafare and they always do in time for new games, when do amd usually release their drivers for new games as theres nothing as of yet

one more question i have is on the radeon settings icon thats near the time/date bottom right on the taskbar if there is a new driver will i get some kind of symbol on it so i know theres a new driver, nvidia used to do that which helped in knowing theres a new driver

thanks guys thats all..... p.s i'm enjoying my rx5700xt experience! #teamred!

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AMD doesn't have the resources or connections of nVidia, so they usually release them a day or few after nVidia, though sometimes they release them on the same day, depends on who the developer is and how much money they take from nVidia.

The icon does not change, but it you have notifications enabled it will show you there is an update available. AMD drivers also change far fewer things than nVidia, so there is little reason to always use the latest releases unless you are having issues.

Ok mate thanks for the reply, exactly the reply i wanted.. cheers bud


AMD typically release their "Optional" Drivers Adhoc (i.e. whenever they think they've fixed / improved something, they push it out) … so it's not uncommon to have an Optional Driver every 1 - 2 Weeks.

With this said they're currently committed to a "Day One" Driver Update for every major Release., so whenever a new game comes out; they'll push a new update. This will typically be either the day before... or on Release itself.

Now Adrenalin is supposed to push a Windows Notification whenever a New Optional / Recommended Driver is available... this typically doesn't happen. The Optional Drivers seem to only get a Notification if you manually "Check for New Driver" or the AMD Driver Team remember to push the notification., where-as the Recommended will typically Automatically Install. 

As a note the Call of Duty Modern Warfare ("Game Ready") Driver was released a few hours ago., as Optional 19.10.2

According to the notes it improves performance (on Ultra High Settings) by about 8%... with no other known issues. 

The Outer Worlds ("Game Ready") Driver is also part of this package; providing a similar performance uplift but there is a known issue with the Character Model disappearing on the Inventory Screen., this hasn't been fixed but is known (thus will probably see a fix in the coming weeks).


One thing I would recommend is getting and setting up the AMD Link App for your Android / iOS Device. 

It's essentially the Radeon Overlay / Settings (Alt-R) but on your Phone, and it allows you to Real-Time interact; so you can for example Tweak GPU Settings., Monitor your Card., use ReLive., Stream to other Devices., etc. 

It also does keep you notified of updates such-as New Drivers. 

thats a perfect explanation bud thank you very much, i understand more about AMD now just what i wanted to know, being with nvidia for so long and obviously knowing their pattern etc making the switch to the red side is new territory for me and not knowing how often they changed drivers, or if they rolled new ones out in time for major titles etc was like getting left in the dark, but with a more understanding im grateful for the explanation, thansk bud