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Japanese insurance company replaces 34 employees with robots

Japanese insurance firm replaces 34 staff with AI - BBC News

Science fiction has long imagined a future in which humans are ousted from their jobs by machines.

For 34 staff at a Japanese insurance firm, that vision just became a reality.

Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance is laying off the employees and replacing them with an artificial intelligence (AI) system that can calculate insurance payouts.

The firm believes it will increase productivity by 30%.

It expects to save around 140m yen (£979,500 / $1.2m) a year in salaries after the 200m yen AI system is installed later this month.

Why is this important? Because AMD is touting deep learning abilities with Radeon Instinct and the Vega Cube. Plus these are white collar positions, not simple manual labor positions. Also, could you imagine if the IRS started to use this technology? Every tax return could be analyzed and audited in seconds for cheating...Actually that wouldn't be such a bad thing...

AMD Packs Four 'Vega' GPUs On a Cube For Deep Learning | Digital Trends

As for the Vega Cube, each of the four Vega-based GPUs will provide 25TFLOPs of half-precision computing performance. This cube-shaped solution would presumably be installed vertically, unlike Nvidia’s Tesla P100 that’s installed horizontally. This is mostly speculation for now given the device is only making headlines thanks to reports stemming from the show, not through AMD.

Reports of the cube-shaped computing device arrives alongside the introduction of Radeon Instinct, a passively cooled accelerator card solution optimized for machine learning, deep learning frameworks, and their related applications. There’s a full-sized MI6 model packing 5.70TFLOPs of performance, 224GB per second memory speeds, and a power requirement of around 150 watts. The MI8 model is a small form factor card with 8.2TFLOPS of performance, 512GB per second memory speeds, and a power draw of around 175 watts.