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Is it time for a get back to basics guide to help answer some of these reoccuring questions.

My question to the community is it time for an in depth from laymans easy common sense guide right threw to easy advanced guide for some of these re occurring problems I have noticed & been answering. How much support will I get from the community & AMD teams that hover online here & there. As noticing a lot of these questions & issues poping up are either simple or basics that need to be kept an eye on more so than mentioned. I work on alot of desktops & laptops in the past to & learnt from experience where to look for sometimes over looked odd issues I have witnessed seen been there done it. If I were to do a guide how many would support it as if I do I might throw the guides on Tomshardware while I am at it to. I work with Steam as well giving advise when needed when I am actually not at my day job. Support from the community & AMD be nice if I were to do it as I dont wanna ruin anything for anyone but a coomon sense basics & guides might be ways of alieviating some of these most common issues where blame been put towards drivers or software to when a lot is arising from checking of hardware. I havnt been with AMD that long but been in the IT community for a while now & know alot of weird basics that are even overlooked by pro IT wizz's to many with lack of knowledge. Just throwing some ideas around but be nice to see what the community thinks same as would like to help AMD with there support team as well as more ideas & diffrent knowledge is good for ideas & work arounds. I got a stepson on an AMD card as well doing Beta testing for Rockstar & Ubisoft to & relates, passes me a lot of info to help as well so between us can help where we can when I am not working my actual day job. I am actually a Tradesman I do IT work part time as more of a hobby but been getting more in depth in the last few Years with driver issues & OS issues with 10 & things. Thanks any input be great. & any intrest from the community for these kind of Walkthrew guides I will take in consideration.

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Community Manager

We already have an extensive Help Portal here: Radeon™ Software Help Center | AMD  which provides visual step by step guides for driver features.