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If Future AMD Processors Entering Into Apple Products

I created this account on AMD community in 2015, when I argued with some editors on about the architecture of x86 and x86-64. I spent time and energies in Intel community too, and expressed my viewpoint on AMD64 and the rumoured architecture of Intel Yamhill. The very reason that I made waves on is the passion all my life on the things that I love soul and heart. The very product after struggling and opposing is the very table that I made, macOS — Wikipedia , from where one could find the evolution of Apple Mac OS X. Last year I also post my CVs to Apple China and Apple Hong Kong, I just want to find a casual job working around Apple Shop, but refused by Apple China. I also post my CVs to Foxconn Shenzhen and want to work there, they kept me waiting for about two months, and eventually refused. The very sad thing finally happened that I was kicked out from Intel Community, rather than this AMD community. I owe too many thanks to this AMD community, for them enduring my words and ideas, straightforward and hurtful.

During the days when I was waiting to work in Foxconn, I bought lots of AMD A4-3300 processors for killing time, because they were cheap enough and I love its integrated GPU core. Finally I put those chips onto my case and came back home, I had no chance to work there at all. But the passion, the fire in my heart would never be burnt out, just like the very first day that I imagined too a lot on Apple computers.

I love AMD processors, they almost wrote the story about my entire twenty something. And I believe the AMD Ryzen is the over good product from AMD too. But I think I have to give AMD some necessary suggestions if they want to put their processors onto the bodies of Apple computers.

1.The current Ryzen should have been changed!

As far as I know, The AMD Ryzen is almost an enhanced AMD64 processors, computable with almost every software written for Intel processors. This compatibility could ensure Apple replace Intel processors with AMD Ryzen, but there also have some other problems. What makes Apple computers differentiate with other computers? A book written by German writers is very famous on this title, Apple Design, ISBN- 978-3775733298. One could take a look at that book or actually read it, it answers that question perfectly. The design, that is the very charming thing people love to possess such an IT based product.

So, in my own opinion, if there is nothing really special in AMD Ryzen processors. Even though Apple use such chips, that would eventually to be proved not that successful. So in my words, I have to say AMD Ryzen should happen to change, it needs something which the current version lacks. I have to emphasise again, the capabilities to execute iOS Apps, or the very special capabilities to execute iOS Apps. In other words, it might put an ARM core inside it, or introduce some additional instructions to accelerate the interpretation from ARM towards x86-64.

This thing is very important, because if Apple choose AMD processors instead of Intel ones, that just tells the world something has already happened, Apple would make another transition. This time it would transit from x86-64 towards ARM64. And the AMD processors play the very important transitional role!

2. The processors applied for Apple computers should be different from the processors could be used for other laptops.

Intel does not respect Apple design too a lot, they just serve Apple the common chips rather than special chips. That might be the reason why Apple would break up with Intel. So AMD should respect Apple at degrees.

3. Intel-lised AMD Ryzen processors for Apple Computers

As is known AMD is fabless company, in order to improve the conditions in the practical. A ridiculous idea is that beg Intel to make AMD Ryzen microarchitecture based processors using Intel semiconductor lines and technologies.

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Adept III

Re: If Future AMD Processors Entering Into Apple Products

First! I am getting the first reply in this thread. You speak like a poet janagewen.

I even see lots of feedback from apple users on these support forums asking if the ryzen will have an APU combo so they can upgrade their macbook.

This post derserves a lot of attention.

I will refresh this page a lot now to bump up your views!

Edit: If I refresh too much my icon turns into a gray alien and scary things happen to my screen...sorry I am going to take a break from the forums now  

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