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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

I have a way to increase Vega availability to content creators!

Is it possible that AMD can team up with other companies like Adobe, Black Magic Designs, Sony (and others that make content creation software like Maya and others) to have a pool of Vega cards allocated to individuals with valid content creation products? That way, some allocation can be set aside for those who want to do something with the graphics cards other than MINE BITCOINS!

It would work almost like the Twitter/Facebook/Google third party authentication systems that are everywhere on the net:

  • User logs into AMD's site.
  • User enters in a product key or other product specific ID (like an Adobe Creative Cloud login).
  • User is forwarded to the retailer of their choice to purchase the product.


In many cases, it's almost cheaper to add TWO NVidia last-gen products to equate the performance to price ratio of one AMD Vega 64 at current mining elevated prices. I'll gladly pay $50 and maybe even $100 over MSRP. But $200-$300 over MSRP is simply insane!

Does anyone think this system could work?

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