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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

I have a few questions for AMD which I don't know where to ask.

First of all good day to everyone reading this!

My name is Jamshed Alam. I am from a small country called Bangladesh which is in South Asia. I'll talk about the gaming industry in our country a bit. In our country people's choice of gaming platform is completely different than others. Consoles are for the rich people. Period. You'll find a PC even in a lower middle class house but you won't find a console. It's because of the availability of games and the PC being more useful. Also consoles are WAY overpriced here.

So all this backstory adds up to that, people here are always excited for whenever a new hardware releases. And as you can guess by now AMD is people's favorite. So when AMD announced Ryzen it was all HYPE! HYPE HYPE! Because people know AMD always has competitive pricing and which is what has happened. But sadly for us this is not the what's happening. Here's why


This is the pricing of Ryzen by the official distributor of AMD in Bangladesh UCC-BD. And link to the page where the claim to be the official distributor About UCC. I'll list the price and convert our local currency to USD

1. Ryzen 7 1700 - 31,900 BDT = 399 US Dollar XE: Convert BDT to USD.

2. Ryzen 7 1700x - 38900 BDT = 487 US Dollar XE: Convert BDT to USD.

3. Ryzen 7 1800x - 48900 BDT = 613 US Dollar XE: Convert BDT to USD.

Here's the link to the facebook page announcing the pricing Ryzen Preorder - United Computer Center (UCC) | Facebook

So as you can see, Ryzen 7 1700 will cost us 70$ more. 1700x 88$ more and 1800x a whopping 113$ more. That's not a small amount of money. This increase in price will take the processor out of reach for a lot of people. Last year the Bangladesh Govt. has lifted all VAT and Taxes on Computer and Computer parts on a move toward Digital Bangladesh. So this increase in price is absolutely not justified. This changes what AMD is trying to achieve with Ryzen which is high performances at low price point. Now you might ask if all computer parts are overpriced like this here. The answer is no. The I5 6500 is priced at 16,500 BDT = 205$ which matches Intel's recommended customer price of 202$, I7 7700k is 28,900 BDT = 362$ which is close to Intel's recommended customer price of 350$, I7 6800k is 36,300 BDT = 455$ which is close to Intel's recommended customer price of 440$, I7 6900k is 90,000 BDT = 1128$ which is close to Intel's recommended customer price of 1109$. Due to this pricing a lot potential buyers will go for Intel cpu's because even if they perform worse their price justifies it. So now you see my point.

Now here are my questions,

1. Is AMD aware of this?

2. Is AMD allowing this?

3. Will AMD be taking any step against this?

I don't know if anyone from AMD will actually see this post. I didn't where I could reach them so I posted here. I'll also probably post this on reddit too. Thanks a lot for reading this.

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Big Boss
Big Boss

Re: I have a few questions for AMD which I don't know where to ask.

Perhaps you can look to import the gear you want instead of the local distributor who seems to be a tad too greedy

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