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Adept II

I fixed my black screen issues by increasing the default fan speed

Hi folks, i have a fix for the black screen issues, weird freezes and even artifacting onscreen to a total crash of the gpu.

It's all about your gpu temp.

The main problem is the amd radeon default fan control settings and temps when they supposed to kick in.

The way they work now is when they reach 80 degrees the fans start to kick in and not even at 100% fan speed, but by the time they start cooling down it's all ready to late, resulting in a crash, black screen or artifacting onscreen.

Go to radeon performance and set your own fan control settings, make sure your fan runs at full speed when it reaches 58 degrees, and set fan noise control to max, lowering fan noise control makes the fan kick in at a later time overruling temps and fan settings, so setting this to max 100% will make sure your gpu gets the cooling it needs.

Save it as default.xml or any other name you like, and make sure when you update your drivers you need to apply the defaultl settings again, so keeping a backup of your default.xml on your harddisk is recommended.

One other thing based on freesync is to change the voltage swing and preemphasis under display overrides, especialy when you use hdmi/displayport cable longer then 1 mtr, it will sure help.

I have been testing with these settings for a whole year now and had no issues, unless the radeon software and drivers got updates and i forgot the apply my default fan control/noise control/override settings again, the whole black screen freezes and artifacting came back.

A note to amd, change your default fan control and noise control settings, they are the cause of the black screens people are having, and a note to all of you the default settings is gpu breaking, and eventualy will result in total failure of your gpu card when you do not change your fan/noise control, your card will fail due to high temps and wrong config on default fan /noise control settings.

Don't mid the typos

Update; added some snapshots radeon default delivered by amd note the fan speed when it reaches 85 degrees and noise control at half causing the gpu get hotter then it can handle around 90 degrees and still fans wont reach 100% speed.

Custom the way i have set it up now making sure it does not go beyond 75 degrees, now when heavy gaming temp are around 72 to 75 degrees with fans at max speed and noise control at max to let the fans kick in when it needs it.

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I did a factory reset before resorting to trying a format. It did nothing to help. 


You need to update Windows also, and delete saved precepts when selecting factory reset. Did you do that? (When pressing factory reset, another option becomes available about deleting saved precepts, and they are to be deleted.)

Other than that, you might have to reinstall a couple of times for it to work in this way. This has always worked for me.

For example, two times did I make a factory reset but it did not work after restarting the computer, but the third, when I deleted saved precepts and rebooting, it did work for me.

Adept II

unfortunately I can not know ..

today I changed the cable and put hdmi cable version 2.0

before I was refresh rate in 60Hz  to try.

when I put the new cable version 2.0 and changed to 75Hz,the screen freezes again i have a black screen and keyboard off...
so it is probably some incompatibility of the vga  card(sapphire 570) with the monitor(ultra wide lg 29wk500).???


i'm giving up here jim, if you had told from the start that you where trying to run your monitor at 75 hz then we wouldn't have had this long conversation here, and you wouldn't have wasted your time and my time.

Basically you had me running around the bush all the time, and you never ever mentioned that you are trying to run your monitor at 75 hz, why you haven't told me that in the first place beats even me.

Everything in your sentence buildup pointed me in another direction(cryptic english), and now all those sentences make no sence at all, not even that I now know you are trying to run your monitor at 75 hz.

No offence to you at all, I was just trying to help you, but you could have mentioned this in the beginning! and we would have been in an enterely different fixing situation.

Just run your monitor at 60HZ, the performance will be better to.


Black screens can happen for a range of reasons.

I suggest using a custom fan profile and set fans to 100% above 70C. This will avert thermal throttling.

I tend to increase the power limit which does help with the custom fan.

What is unorthodox is the use of modern higher refresh panels. People do not realize the added workload of a faster panel rises worse than 4K panels v 2K.

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Thanks for sharing your feedback with the community. 

I am locking this discussion.

If any users in this thread continue to experience a similar issue, please open up a new discussion and provide the essential information required in order to encourage helpful responses from the community. 

Journeyman III

I increased the speed of the fans to 1300-1500rpm.
They work constantly.
I don't have a breakdown anymore.



Adnotacja 2021-05-30 131457.jpg

Journeyman III

Posting because people still have this issue and it drove me bat **bleep** crazy trying to trouble shoot. AMD will not own up to it, the issue does not happen with my old GTX 1070 Ti.  Part of it as someone has already mentioned is partly because of Windows updates if you allow windows to update drivers you will get older drivers and crashes. But this is only half the problem the real issue stems with the Adrenalin software. I have worked with AMD  and the GPU maker over 3 different tickets and a variety of settings and there is only one work around that works permanently. That is remove adrenalin and do a driver only install. I guarantee you do both of these you will not have another crash or black screen. AMD will tie itself into a pretzel not rather than admit it's the Adrenalin software and Nvidia will keep kicking it's ass until they do and work the problem!!!

Journeyman III

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