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Adept II

How to detect subpixel stripe on display?

Cheers to all.I have a Philips bdm 4065/uc,and this monitor have BGR sub-pixel stripe,and text  is blurry and fuzzy.Clear type on windows seems to not work,so I hate so much this monitor.I want to sell this monitor and buy another with RGB stripe,because only on RGB, text are clear and crisp.

So my question is:

there are any program or something to detect subpixel stripe on monitor/TV LCD???Someone can help me?

I want to buy another display but I want only with RGB stripe.

Thanks to all,

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Adept II

Re: How to detect subpixel stripe on display?

I was wrong,text is the same on RGB or BGR subpixel stripe.I check with  a macro camera on another display Samsung who using the same BGR strype.On Samsung display with same BGR strype,text are clear and crisp.The problem is this *** monitor BDM4065/uc.On all signal d-sub,hdmi even on DP text are a little blurry,and have too much bleeding and ghosting even with response time set to :OFF.Even on native resolution using a DP cable 1.2~ 60 HZ,text are blurry,and sharpness option is too weak on this model.Have less edge.I try to comunicate with Philips support to release a small firmware to increase level of sharpness a bit,but they don't respond me,they don t care about me.I hate netherland people,they are bad and cold people.I will never buy something from Philips for the rest of my life!!!!!!!!!!

I was wrong when I belive BGR stripe is causing blurriness.It seem on a good display text are the same with no ghost or blur.

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