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Holy grail

Hello Everyone,

I have been on these forums for a little while and I would just like to pose this question. If peoples' computers are working fine with an older driver, what is this search for the Holy Grail of graphics drivers? I have always used the new driver offerings from AMD when made available, and even though I have used the ReLive package I am using the 16.11.5 package now. And though there seems to be issues with the new ReLive I opted to roll back only for the reason that I just couldn't see the need to have things that I knew I wasn't going to use, And the 16.11.5 is giving me what I need at the moment.

However my reason for taking driver packages was never in regards for my search for AMD's HolyGrail of drivers, to be honest it is just a habit, and because I never had any great issues when getting any so I just went with the flow So to Speak.

So What is it that people are looking/searching for when they get these new drivers and/or OS's that they think makes their older versions obsolete? I kind of understand the logic of the upgrade to w10 for the use of DX12, but it is only a few titles that even use DX12 tech anyways, or am I wrong? And Honestly what does DX12 and Windows 10 bring to the table that people couldn't really get by using a different OS and a DX11 card. And how many FPS really makes a difference?

I think people need to take a step back and take a deep breath and put the Search for the Holy Grail on hold, just enjoy your gaming even if it means you won't be getting those few extra FPS I just think it isn't worth all the head ache.

Just a thought.........

Sincerely, Ambrose

P.S. And to all those that celebrate, enjoy your holiday Season.

And for those who like Tattoos, a little something for your viewing pleasure......


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Re: Holy grail

I agree that people shouldn't be upgrading their drivers unless there's a problem to be fixed or performance to be gained. I'm still on Catalyst. But all you have to do is read through the forums to see how many people are waiting for drivers to fix a problem. Then factor in that a lot of drivers fix one problem then create another one. That's why I believe if you buy a graphics card and it doesn't work out of the box with the newest driver then you should return it. Or be stuck continually trying new drivers.

Also, when new games are released they sometimes require new driver versions.

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Re: Holy grail

There's a lot of people who always equate new with better, and that a new driver will never be worse. It's the same with some people who think that, say, the RX 480 is better than an R9 290X because 480 is a higher number than 290.

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