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Journeyman III

HELP AMD BROTHERS colors on windows will kill me

Hello brothers. I have specific problem, and hope someone here can help me. Before 3 nights i decide to reinstall windows because of (cant run my FACEIT anticheat for CSGO without updates) Before, my updates of windows was on block, always. My windows crushes and i decide to install new system. Whats happen? On first screen after windows install (without any drivers) i noticed a difference on my display. Some non naturals colors, or i dont know. Ok than i go to install drivers for my card, NOTHING HAPPEN. I reinstal and install some older drivers which i used before, NOTHING AGAIN. Ok than i google it, find some solution on reddit about Celibration and Color Managment profiles, but none of that fix this. Im going crazy. BTW i test my monitor ACER 144hz and my graphic card on second computer and all is good. But on my windows i see difference. Specially in YELLOW and RED collors...They are not natural, some oranges are totaly red, some clean YELLOW are tottaly ORANGE. Can someone have any experience about that? I appreciate everyones opinion and help.


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