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The only feature people want from Ryzen Master is the ability to autolaunch it on boot and to apply the profile that had been active when the system was shut down.

Every frigging piece of annoying bloatware written by some skript-kiddie in his basement can do it, but it is something beyond the ken of AMD devs?

Instead all you have managed to add is a bloody useless "Basic View".


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And the reason you can't just set it in BIOS, which is what you should always do if not testing?

You go ahead and try to configure 3rd and 4th Gen Ryzen in the BIOS - good luck with that.

I did eight months of experimenting, first with a 3600X on a GigaByte X470 Gaming 7 WiFi rev 1.1, then a 3950X on a GigaByte X570 AURUS XTREME. I now have a 5950X but have configured well over a hundred different 3rd Gen and now 4th Gen Ryzen and in every case I achieved higher performance at lower temps than trying to configure it in the BIOS.

The ONLY way to adequately configure 3rd and 4th Gen Ryzen is via Ryzen Master.

Perhaps if AMD didn't just supply their AGESA as a binary there might be some redeeming value to trying to configure the CPU in the BIOS, but as it is, you are pretty much up a certain creek without a paddle.

I wrote a comprehensive guide to configuring 3rd Gen (and by extension 4th Gen) Ryzen last March and you can find it here:

I have had to deal with a number of people who have had absolutely nutty idle temps and the ONLY way of curing that is by using Ryzen Master.

That is unless you want to castrate your CPU in the BIOS of course.

Well, I have a 3700X on an ASUS Crosshair VI Hero, and had absolutely no trouble getting an all core speed of 4250mhz at 1.2v that properly clocks up and down under load...and was easier to do than with my 1800X which had to have custom P states set..

Though if you want to ensure you're not "castrating" your CPU, you should use Clock Tuner for Ryzen (CTR) and not what is primarily a monitoring program.

I have the Crosshair VII Hero and have also just been doing the CCD specific clock settings in BIOS.  Set the Vcore, and then a higher clock for the two higher performing CCDs and a lower clock on the two lesser performing.  Works just fine, as clocks also correctly clock down during idle.  No need to go into Ryzen Master at all.


What are your voltages?


sorry but lol. settings will cure temps, not the fact that your using sw to do it.

all the changes you do in master, are just being passed on to bios.

and lots of ppl out there having ZERO problems, doing tweaks in bios.

heck, i tried it for ram stability testing, and you cant even apply different voltage without reboot, making it completely useless for proper testing.



So essentially you have done naff-all and call it good.

I wrote a TL;DR of my guide and you can try that and get back to me.

I proved that Ryzen 3rd Gen would degrade over time if run at stock (applies to 4th Gen as well) and Der8auer brought out a video where he had been running his Ryzen CPUs long term (for about six months) to "Dispel the myth that Ryzen CPUs degrade over time". His CPUs had degraded when he tested them.

The way to configure in  the link above will give you higher performance, lower temps an above all ZERO DEGRADATION!

I put in the time and effort to give you the info, if you want to treat it with contempt then that is your loss, not mine.