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Journeyman III
Journeyman III


I used to be a fan of ATI cards, they would rock

Now, when i look at my Radeon R9 390, i am higly deceived.

Don't get me wrong, the card and its capabilities and performance are not bad, its something else.

What i simply hate is the lack of real, integrated, support for 3D TVs and displays. Sure, they mention HD3D and i was happy at first, started reading about it just to realize that i need an external app when my TV natively support multiple 3D types. My girlfriend purchased an NVidia and without any fuss, there comes 3D display on the TV, all she needs to do is decide to go in 3D and its there.

Why should we need any external applications to display 3D on my 3D tv using your drivers ? Also, that application comes with a price, i'm paying 500$ for a high quality video card and its not enough ?

When this card dies, i'm switching to the card maker that does not rely on external apps to provide functionality.

Obviously, i hope AMD comes to its sense and decides to put real 3D TV support in its drivers, but if i have to change card and its not there, that will be the last time i support them.

Frustrated Gamer !!!!

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