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Journeyman III

hardware Reserve memory

Hello my AMD Ryzen 5 3500 mobile CPU in Asus 509 DA is showing 2.1 GB hardware reserve memory after upgrading and only 9.9 GB is available from 12 GB RAM. So, is there any possible way to reduce this? Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks 

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Sounds like in BIOS it has set 2GB of vRAM Memory for your Integrated Graphics processor.

With some laptops you are able to change the amount of vRAM MEMORY that can be assigned to the Integrated Graphics from 512MB to generally maximum of 2 GB.

Go into BIOS and see if there are any settings to change the amount of vRAM Memory to be assigned to the IGPU. If there aren't any that mean the manufacturer made it permanent.

The IGPU Memory is taken directly from your System RAM MEMORY. So if the IGPU has assigned 2GB of vRAM that means you have 2GB less of System RAM Memory.

So that is why you are showing 9.9 GB of System Ram Memory. the .1GB is probably assigned for Windows itself.

Open Windows Task Manager. Under the tab "Performance" look at GPU and see if it shows 2 GB or RAM Memory. I have a 8GB GPU card. Here is how my Task Manager looks like:

Screenshot 2021-09-29 123756.png