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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

graphics problem rx 550 simcity

I bought an RX 550 (4 GB) and installed it in my computer.  Now my motherboard flash screen (the one with the menu to get into the settings) is totally unreadable ... with just some lines and garbage on the screen).  My computer starts up ok (win 7 sp1 ... updated all the while) and my games all run fine except for SIMCITY which looks fine until I get to the point where I open an area to actually play the game.  The ground  looks all wavy (steep waves) kind of like a giant plow ran through it.  It is impossible to play.

All worked fine with my previous AMD HD 7750.  Any suggestions???   SWTOR and GW2 play fine and look great.  I just tried repairing the SimCity game ... repair completed ok and said ready to play ... but still plowed.

Any suggestions?


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