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GPU computing breakthrough? Cuda on AMD?

""One of the major differences between AMD and Nvidia is their share of the professional graphics market. Nvidia dominates this space and its profit margins, and while AMD has had some high profile wins with Apple, it hasn’t cut deeply into Nvidia’s market share. Part of the reason Nvidia has a lock on both workstation and high performance computing is CUDA, its programming language for GPU compute. Now one company, Otoy, is claiming to have broken that lock.

Otoy is the owner and developer of Octane Render, a real-time unbiased rendering engine that supports 3D rendering software suites like 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema4D, and Lightwave. It’s also available as its own standalone software suite. It was the first unbiased rendering suite to support GPU-only rendering and a high-profile early win for Nvidia’s CUDA — which is part of why it’s surprising to see the company branching out to support other architectures in this fashion.""

"Here’s how VentureBeat describes Otoy’s new compatibility layer: “In a nutshell, Otoy reverse-engineered Nvidia’s general purpose graphics processing unit (GPGPU) software, known as CUDA, to run on non-Nvidia hardware. That means that programs written in the CUDA language are no longer exclusive to Nvidia graphics chips.”

According to Otoy’s CEO, Jules Urbach, the point of developing this CUDA translation layer is so that the company’s high-end Octane Render software can run as easily on AMD GPUs as their Intel counterparts. “We have been able to do this without changing a line of CUDA code, and it runs on AMD chips,” Urbach said. “You can now program once and take CUDA everywhere. AMD has never really been able to provide an alternative.”


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Re: GPU computing breakthrough? Cuda on AMD?

And nVidia should start suing in 3...2...1...