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Re: First custom Vega 64 edition surfaces (ASUS): Drinks even MORE POWER!

Same thing was found on the Fury series as well by TomsHardware. Power consumption and heat would plummet while performance remained the same or improved.

Undervolt AMD's Radeon R9 Fury With MSI Afterburner - Tom's Hardware

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Re: First custom Vega 64 edition surfaces (ASUS): Drinks even MORE POWER!

Yes I undervolt my R9 Nano (FuryX) a little in and it helps a bit.

Still it is encouraging to see there is some power saving and increased performance.
That is also in a situation that Radeon Wattman and the other overclocking tools do not seem to work correctly with Vega yet.
Some applications may not be able to be undervolted at all, some will, power saving and performance increase will vary...

I have not seen any trying to undervolt the GPU and push up the GPU and HBM clocks as high as possible  but maybe that is not possible?
Also maybe,... just maybe DSBR is still not working properly although that maybe give a 10% performance increase at 4K?
I have not seen clear information on how much power it should save. It is supposed to be on in RX Vega though.

The RX Vega Wattman seems to be in a bit of a mess right now. Every review seems to complain about that
Hopefully will get fixed soon.

All of the above + replacing the radiator on the liquid edition with a larger triple fan version and maybe this RX Vega 64 might j nearly make it to be nearer to a GTX1080Ti running at stock speed for ~ same power draw. Might get from 30% behind to maybe 15% being optimistic?  Keeping the temps on the GPU core to below 60'c seems to be very important on the Vega according to Buildzoid video. Not know why just yet.

Anyhow I am hoping that AdoredTV may look at running Prey etc  with an HBM2  memory overclock and/or  GPU undervolt/overclock  attempt soon. or Gamers Nexus/Buildzoid/PCVPerspectives may push on  with their work. I would really like to see some of the Third Party  reviewers investigate DSBR if they can. I guess I should become a Patreon supporter to them.

I think that is pretty much all I will be looking at on Vega for a while now. My conclusion on the situation is it seems to have been launched before the drivers are ready, the VBIOS potentially needs an update and right now no-one really knows exactly where it sits versus GTX1070/80/80TI and the price is not clear at all.
Back to wait and see mode for me.

Thanks for all of your help and info and comments.

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Re: First custom Vega 64 edition surfaces (ASUS): Drinks even MORE POWER!

Looks like ASUS was able to do a bit more tweaking, power draw is lower than the reference edition (slightly), though it's nowhere near anything which could be called "efficient".. ASUS Radeon ROG RX Vega 64 STRIX 8GB review - Introduction

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Re: First custom Vega 64 edition surfaces (ASUS): Drinks even MORE POWER!

I do not see how the AIB cards can do much better in terms of power/performance by just using a bigger/better aircooler.
Maybe some minor Vbios undervolting might improve the power draw a little but they would have to be careful with that.
The reference card for all of the Vega GPU's  (not seen the Nano yet) is using a very good Voltage Regulator with very high quality components and it is already highly efficient based on the reviews/breakdowns I have seen. I think improvements to the Voltage Regulator will be minimal on AIB boards.
I think the only thing the AIB partners could do on the hardware side is get faster HBM2 and maybe specially binned out High Performance / Low Power Vega 64/56 chips.

I am still not convinced that DSBR / other new features are working properly on the Vega Drivers yet. I think it might be the case that AMD are concentrating on fixing and improving performance on drivers for Professional/Workstation/Instinct cards first, Miners Second, and Gamers last.  That is the likely $$$ priority.

If what I read about Vega64 before its launch then it does have groundbreaking new architectural features, lots of Compute Power, and features that should have improved Performance/Power over what we see today.

Already I start to see some very impressive Blender GPU based Rendering Performance numbers roll in when running on the Blender 2.79 Release Candidate 2 versus R9 Nano (FuryX)  and NVidia Cards, on trhe same release for example. Hopefully we will see Blender Rendering with with High Bandwidth Cache Controller engaged next.

I just wish AMD would hold a Video Conference or Presentation to explain where Vega 64 is right now w.r.t Power/Performance in gaming and give feedback on what is and is not working in drivers at the moment.



Re: First custom Vega 64 edition surfaces (ASUS): Drinks even MORE POWER!

I'm not sure there will be alot of new improvements, including those new features, coming to Vega. I mean it's not like the cards were rushed out. Engineering samples were sent out months before the product release. And I'm not even sure how long it was in development for. Two years? AMD knew where the Vega was going to stand in the graphic card line-up. You'd think if there was stuff they could have done to improve it performance and power wise they would have. They had time.

Kind of the like the crossfire drivers people are waiting on. What's the point of having a driver if game devs aren't going to implement it when they make games? Most of the new titles that have it run better on a single card anyway.

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Re: First custom Vega 64 edition surfaces (ASUS): Drinks even MORE POWER!

I do not know what has happened getting up to the launch and RX Vega / FE is where it is right now.

I am still interested in Vega 64 Liquid because of OpenCL Performance and Rendering, not just gaming.
I am not personally interested in Mining ... due to electricity costs here more than anything.
However for the RX Vega / FE to be a success overall, it will have to do well in gaming as well I think.
Why would a game developer buy and develop on a Vega FE if the RX Vega do not do well, for example.

Regarding Crossfire, it might be disabled at the moment in Vega because of Performance/Power on the single card. I do not know.
New AAA Crossfire (DX11) and DX12 MultiGPU titles have mostly been working well for me over ~ past 2 years since RX480 launch.

There are a couple of games I am looking at  at the moment with Crossfire issues.
Mass Effect Andromeda is not running well for me since the initial Crossfire Driver Support. There have been ongoing issues since 17.2.2, 17.4.4 was almost there, now 17.7.2 the Crossfire Profile is gone and the game runs badly for me when I try to use AFR Friendly mode.  I am looking at 17.8,2 and still Crossfire Profile gone.

The latest patch of Mass Effect Andromeda runs quite well  on both Windows 10/8.1 64bit with the 17.4.4 driver, so it looks like changes in the 17.7.2 driver are the cause at first sight.

The Witcher 3: Wildhunt .. when Chill is turned on. (a brand new feature in 17.7.2)  shows minor flickering on water textures, otherwise I can game at 4K, 60FPS with a pair of R9 Nanos with no significant problems seen yet.

Back to RX Vega/FE ... I think it woulld be good if AMD did give us all a status of the drivers, including what is and is not working well right now. That way I would have more confidence to purchase one or two RX Vega 64 Liquid or Vega FE (Air) for my next build.

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