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FedEx offering $5 discount if you enable Flash on their website.

FedEx Caught Off-Guard By Browsers Blocking Flash, Will Give Customers $5 To Enable It

As you may imagine, chances are that many FedEx customers aren’t very happy that they have to follow a list of relatively technical instructions to enable Flash again in their browsers. The more tech savvy ones may even dislike the fact that FedEx is forcing them to use Flash again, and potentially expose them to security risks, just when they thought they could have a Flash-free web experience.

To alleviate this problem, FedEx has come up with a rather interesting idea--it will offer its customers a $5 discount for orders over $30 if the site notices that they don’t have Flash enabled. All you have to do to get that $5 discount is--you guessed it--enable Flash in your browser. Easy!

When will Flash finally die!?