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Far Cry 5 PC graphics performance benchmark review - PC VGA Graphics card guide

"We have a new Windows PC graphics performance review ready for you here at Guru3D, Far Cry 5 for Windows PC is being tested relative towards graphics card performance with the latest AMD/NVIDIA graphics card drivers. Many graphics cards are being tested and benchmarked. We have a look at performance with the newest graphics cards and technologies."

AMD effects

In our overview, we talked a bit about AMD having the ability (with Vega) to have several render targets in a scene to render at lower precision (fp16 versus fp32). AMD calls this feature fp16 Rapid Packed Math (floating point 16). According to AMD this will increase performance. Rapid Packed Math basically halves the floating point calculations for the data request, resulting in a faster turnaround time of that request/data, however with less precision and thus quality in some form. Basically, half-precision would be applied in segments where it really isn't needed. AMD has not revealed anything specific as to what and where exactly the feature can be used. Far Cry 5 supports this, specifically with Vega and newer future GPUs, and as you have been able to see, the Vega cards perform well.

CPU Core Scaling

If you are wondering, what would be the effect of a four-core versus an eight-core processor for this the game? Or what happens if you do not have SMT (Hyper-threading) active. Well, let's test just that a couple of procs! I have a quick chart I would like to show you, the results below are based on default clock frequencies as well as a couple of tweaked processors. We apply the very same image quality settings as used throughout this article, highest.

Far Cry 5 PC graphics performance benchmark review - PC VGA Graphics card guide

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I don't see the benefits of rapid packed math, as Vega64 falls behind the GTX 1080, a card it is supposed to beat, despite sucking down much more power and costing, presently, up to TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS more than.


I agree.  The cards basically line up exactly how they do in Firestrike results from 3DMark.  Farcry 5 is a DX11 title, so most of the new features Polaris/Vega support will go unutilized.  Without a DX12/Vulkan implementation this is pretty much how a user can expect the various boards to stack up.