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Early Windows 10 Creator's Update installers beware: Privacy settings revert to share everything.

Windows 10 Creators Update Privacy Settings Differ Based On Upgrade Path

Thus, we were taken aback when everything was reset to default. But now we know that this is because we manually installed the Creators Update via the Windows 10 Update Assistant on April 5. The update technically isn't supposed to debut until April 11--that's when Microsoft will notify users of the update, have them configure their privacy settings to their liking, and then install the Creators Update once those decisions have been made.

Installing the update early changed the process a bit. We're told that using the Windows 10 Update Assistant to download the Creators Update shows you the recommended settings when you first run Windows 10 or do a clean install of the operating system. Updating via "regular channels" after the official April 11 release will make the privacy settings screen "reflect your current choices." In other words, how you update matters.

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