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Adept II

Does the CPU Cooler Fan ring or shroud come off, AMD Ryzen Wraith Cooler?


I have Ryzen 1200 CPU with AMD Wraith stock cooler. I want to clean the fan and the heat sink. Generally I sink the heat sink in IPA cleaner and use a tissue or a soft napkin tip soaked in IPA cleaner to wipe off the dust from the fan.

In order to do this I need to separate the fan from the heat sink.

I have done it a few times on AM3 CPUs like Athlon X2. It was very simple there. The screws holding the fan to heat sink were easily accessible.

However I notice that on AM4 Ryzen Wraith cooler, the ring or the shroud surrounding the fan is coming in the way of screw driver accessing the small screws that hold the fan onto the heat sink. I will be pointing the screwdriver at an angle on the screws and that may strip them or cause threading to get damaged.

Does the circular  shroud or ring around the fan come off, if yes how?


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