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Journeyman III

Do i need to have 4.0 PCIe motherboard for RX6750 XT ?

Hello i dont know if this is the right place or not ,  I have a MSI Z370 PC Pro i think its 3.0 PCIe 
Do i need to buy a new motherboard for this gpu ? 

and will it work fine with I7 8700K ?

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Adept I

It should work fine with an 8700K. I use the 6700XT with a R5 3600 and even then I'm mostly GPU bound at 1080p. Any performance difference you may get from using it in a 4.0 motherboard is minimal to unnoticeable. If you haven't already got the GPU then I would advise against it as the new generation of GPUs is coming soon and AMD drivers are horrible to deal with.


nvidia gpus are expensive like the rtx 3060 is expensive where i live it costs $520 and the rx 6750 xt is $550 , i been playing on a gtx 1060 for like year and a half i want to try something different , even when the new gpus release i wont be able to get one cause as soon as it sells in my county it will be 20% expensive as always ,  than the retail price , im mainly playing games on low settings like valorant , csgo , apex ,r6


You can still use the GPU on a 3.0 motherboard. However, you might be losing some small amounts of performance because of it. Also, you will be giving up features like SAM (Resizable BAR). Overall the performance loss shouldn't be too big, but still, something to consider.

In your case specifically, though, I think a 6750XT might be a abit overkill. If you only play those few games you mentioned on low settings (depending on your resolution they might be much more CPU bound) and as you mentioned GPUs are quite pricey where you live I'd suggest maybe something a bit smaller.

TL;DR: If you really want that 6750XT it should work fine in a 3.0 slot with small FPS loss, depending on a game it's likely to be unnoticable even.

My PCIe 3.0 motherboard supports ReBAR so not all Gen 3 motherboards don't have it however I believe for ReBAR to work you have to have an AMD CPU and GPU