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Disable HPET in Windows 11 on a laptop with Ryzen 5900HX/RX6800M Safe?

Anyone know... Is it safe disable HPET in windows 10/11? on AMD laptop? 5900HX/RX6800M... Is HPET still controlling thermals now days? what if I disable HPET only in win11 but i dont disable HPET in bios (I cant even do it in laptop bios) any risks?



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HPET - High Precision Event Timer, doesn't control thermals but it is a Hardware Timer.

You can disable HPET but you shouldn't need to. Here is Wikipedia's explanation of HPET:



Thanks for your answer, but as I understand as long as i dont disable HPET in bios which I cant do anyways in AMD laptop... but only in Windows OS itself,

It has zero risk / harm to any parts/laptop hardware or risk to thermal operation if disabled via windows only,



All your doing is disabling a Timer that Windows uses.

Why do you want to disable HPET anyways?  It might cause you laptop to run less efficiently.

Found this Reddit Forum Thread about disabling HPET. It might help realize why it isn't necessary to disable it:

Screenshot 2021-11-07 005535.png