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Cloudflare to launch free VPN on 4/9/19: Warp.

Pretty detailed blog post from Cloudflare's site on it on the source of the TomsHardware article (I link the TH article because it condenses it very well for a forum post). There will be a desktop version as well, so it's not going to be just for phones, presumably this will be where the paid version will shine since computers can suck down a lot more data at one time than a smartphone. The waitlist is growing quickly, it was just announced today and I'm number 219,693. Cloudflare's DNS service, which is faster than Google's and is second in the world, is what you should be using on your computers already. CloudFlare launches it's own privacy focused DNS Service,38966.html

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Re: Cloudflare to launch free VPN on 4/9/19: Warp.

I found that sometimes the free version are not as secure as the paid versions. I found a fairly new VPN called SurfShark that cost $2.00 per month (with 2 year contract) and doesn't keep any records (logs). ISP can sometimes legally force the VPN to show the ISP their logs to determine who the User is. But if the VPN is located outside the jurisdiction of the ISP, the VPN can refuse legally to hand over the logs. Depending on the laws of where they reside. So if a ISP tries to find out who the User is they can't get the information from the VPN.  My internet speed is as fast with SurfShark VPN on or off. Also with some free and paid versions the ISP are able to track the Users if they us IPv6 (leakage) and not strictly IPv4.  

I found out a tech site I use here at AMD Forums seems to be strictly a IPv6 website ( ). I need to disable VPN to get access.  I have tried "Whitelisting" the site with SurfShark software but it only worked for a day. I will be trying again otherwise I will put in a support ticket to the VPN.

It best to research the VPN you are going to use to see how secure they really are.

found this website that explains about how secure or insecure VPNs can be and their own best 5 secured VPNs: Best VPN Service 2019: Only These 5 Passed ALL Tests & Are Safe 

This is the reason they gave about using "Free" VPN:

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