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Journeyman III

Brightness Flickering on monitor S3220DGF

I would like you to help me to avoid the Brightness Flickering on my monitor S3220DGF.

I realized that the Brightness Flickering start happening when the Low Framerate Compensation (LFC) start to work. 

I have this configuration: Resolution 2560x1440 - 164 Hz - HDR on - FreeSync On

The manual indicates that FreeSync Range works between 48-164 hz but I realized that the LCF gets to work when the FPS got below 54 FPS. So, I think that this is an error because I understand that the LFC should work when FPS fall below freeSync range. So, It has to work below 48fps, not 54fps.

Is it possible to Fix this misbehavior of LFC, or configure LFC, or maybe disable this functionality.

I have done some research and some recommendations is use Custom Resolution Utility (CRU) but I don't know what are the appropriate steps.

I bought this monitor because I want to play video games using FreeSync and HDR and the flickering is very annoying. I'm very dissapointed.

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