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Brand new x470 board and Ryzen 3000

I am trying to purchase x470 board, particularly MSI x470 gaming pro carbon and a Ryzen 3000.  This board doesn't come with quick flash bios function without cpu.  I've checked.  I guess I would have to flash bios for 3000 series to work on this board. 

What I'm wondering is how long does it take for the AMD bios update kit to arrive to Canada.

I currently do not own any AMD am4 parts.  I would either have to pay for someone to do it, borrow one from someone, or request the update kit.

Worrying part is update kit arriving after defective return period by the vendor ends for either motherboard or cpu, which is like a month.  If it happens to arrive after the period ends and one of the components happens to be defective out of the box, I would have to go through RMA for brand new product I just purchased.  Where if I can return a defective product within the period, I can get direct replacement from vendor right away or refund.  Cause I really don't wanna go through RMA process again...

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Re: Brand new x470 board and Ryzen 3000

You should have a look at MSI (board model > support > bios) website.

They recently have Beta version..

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Adept III

Re: Brand new x470 board and Ryzen 3000

Most computer shops have a service to update the BIOS for you for a small fee before shipping, otherwise all you need is a old socket AM4 CPU, A6, A8, A10 or even Athlon CPU. you can buy these new for around $50 max and come in handy for future trouble shooting if your bios reset itself back to original version (Dual Bios).

Example: You overclocked your ram incorrectly and the bios reset back to original you would need A6 CPU again to flash it.

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