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B450m DS3H WIFI compatible with a rx 6600?

Hello everyone! Looking for some solid info, I have a B450m DS3H WIFI MB, with a GTX 1650, looking to upgrade to the RX 6600. I keep finding mixed answers online and I can't figure it out. My old card is starting to go out! I'm wondering if the 6600 is compatible with my board? thanks!

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As long as you have the correct PCIex16 3.0/4.0 Mobo slot available it should work normally.

Your main problem will be if your PSU will be powerful enough to support the new RX6600 GPU card.

According to a PSU-GPU website the Nividia GTX 1650 requires a minimum PSU wattage of 380 Watts while the AMD RX 6600 requires a minimum PSU wattage of 450 watts.

Also if you want to get an general idea how well your GPU Card will run (FPS & BOTTLENECK) with your current CPU and RAM installed visit this FPS and Bottlenecking website: FPS & Bottleneck Calculator 

Thank you! Turns out there actually is a bottleneck between the two, I'm looking another card now. You've been a great help!

anything 10% of less is not a problem from what i have read concerning bottle necking.

If you have an older Ryzen processor most likely the processor will be the one that will bottle neck and not the GPU card.

Like I mentioned the FPS & Bottleneck website will just give you a general idea plus how that combo will run various games.

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The only thing I could see negatively impacting performance is the lack of PCIe 4.0 because the RX 6600 runs at PCIe 4.0 X8 speed it may cause an issue because you would effectively be running the card at PCIe 3.0 X8. 

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It's actually the card that says is the bottleneck, it is seven percent. I have a ryzen 5 5600.


7% is not bad. It isn't a reason to replace it with another GPU card. 

Test it out first by playing games and other GPU intensive programs before deciding anything. 

The RX6600 is a good fairly low wattage GPU card.