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Automatic error report

It looks like there's a 50/50 chance that this question is not allowed in this 'discussion' forum but...

How difficult would it be to automatically send to AMD a error report when there is a crash/any error/non-function etc. event ? Like Windows does? The error report would include all the info asked for when you send in a "issue report" manually, but could get additional info if needed.

In a perfect world, a IT guy would come in in the morning..get his coffee..boot up and look at the thousands of nightly error reports from all over the world. Then he would use the computer program to isolate the top identical errors. Then send these immediately to the programmers. All of the information they need is there. Correct the error in the currently available download and notify users with issues to reinstall. Don't wait until another beta to remedy it...and fill up the forum with rude comments