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Journeyman III

Asking about RAM on ryzen 3 3300u

Hello, i want to ask you guys and help me to solving this case. 

My laptop is hp 245 g7 ryzen 3-3300u with ram upto 16gb

My laptop have support dual channel, so it's already installed 4gb ram 2400mhz, since it's just one slot used, it's called single channel right? So i planning to add single 16gb ram 3200mhz ( i know it's weird) but for this case i have a questions. 

1. If i use both ram (4+16) does it count dual channel or single channel? 

2. If i use both ram (4+16) will it be accept to my laptop? 


Thanks for your advice


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Adept II

While I can't answer that second question as I cannot find a definitive answer online about the particular laptop all I can find is that it says maximum 16gb, I can definitely answer the first. So how mix ram kits work is that essentially you will be in dual channel up until you fill up both ram sticks are filled to the 4gb level in your case however, once you pass that threshold you will be in single channel. Honestly it would be easier to match the current stick or buy new sticks imo


Have you asked on HP support forum about upgrade options/other users suggestions/findings.


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