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AMD, You, Please Do Not Be the Intel Follower Any More

I just peaked at the latest product name convention, I feel very sad! AMD R3, R5 and R7, boring! Very boring! When I was a teenager, I love something with label that "Cyrix Instead", later all their processors gone never coming back, no matter what innovated technologies they had realised on design of their processors. Today, after struggling around with the APU and Bulldozer, AMD never gain any success for their AMD64 architecture, but lose their dominated position to be the de-facto 64-bit PC processor. Again, this stupid thing happen again when about releasing their latest processors, Ryzen.

AMD, would you please do not compare its performance with Intel processors? If you compare, you are telling the world, you are no more than a little follower of Intel! If purchasers find the similar price could be used buy an Intel processor, why should they buy some a clone? No, never! I just suggest you, AMD, drop this stupid naming convention! Drop the letter "R", take back letter "A". Emphasising the Radeon GPU would never be good for AMD in the future, the reason is obvious, never compete with someone which would bring you the most potential benefits. If you do so, if you AMD compete against Intel and NVidia too strong, you would lose both of markets on processors and gpus!

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