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AMD soldering IHS in 14nm Ryzen, something Intel said they couldn't do at 22nm

AMD Ryzen 7 CPU Delidded - What's Underneath? | eTeknix

Since the IHS is attached via epoxy, cutting the IHS is a risky business and der8auer destroyed two chips in his previous attempts. All of these challenges are before the fact that you need to heat the IHS up to about 150~170 C to weaken the solder.

Finally, the fact that AMD has chosen to use solder even for their 14nm products shows that solder is still viable. Intel claimed that due to the small size of CPUs at 22nm and below meant solder could crack after extended heating/cooling cycles. Since AMD has still managed to use solder on smaller dies on 14nm should make us question Intel’s claim. The use of 2 smaller rectangles, likely meant for the half size 4 core CCX Ryzen 3/5 means those chips will be soldered as well. It seems like Intel should rethink their strategy to solder their 4 core mainstream lineup and stop trying to cheap out.

AMD Ryzen 7 1700 Delidded 2