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AMD Ryzen 7 has already been released!

AMD Unveils Cheap, Powerful Flagship Ryzen CPUs - Chipsets & Processors - Products

That is an outstanding and astonishing news for the people who loved, are loving and about loving AMD products. But please allow me to be frank, I feel a little bit disappointed, because AMD goes another similar road like it since the beginning, mimicking and lower price.


AMD processors tended to follow the Intel naming convention since the very beginning, like AM386 vs Intel 80386, this time AMD Ryzen 7 vs Intel Core i7. AMD processors tends to lower their prices comparing against Intel ones for the all the time, there is no exception as to AMD Ryzen 7. In my own opinion, yeah, I am nothing, but I think I have to figure it out, this is not a smart and bright way for the future AMD products. Because it is a compromise, compromising its once outstand place for their AMD64 architecture, which is the only thing that Intel followed AMD rather than versus. AMD64 is definitely the best architecture for Microsoft 64-bit platform, after their failure in research of the 64-bit OS.

Lower Price

Lowing price is good but could never be better. Things too inexpensive to be worthy possessing. The lower price of AMD Ryzen 7 does not seem a better way to advertise this latest product, especially for the potential purchasers in developing countries, such as China mainland (excluding Hong Kong, Taiwan). After travelling from big cities to the small cities there, I find a very terrible thing that people in small and poor cities tend to possess Apple iPhones rather than other brands which are loved in other large cities. Mimicking the Intel naming convention would mislead the potential purchasers they are the replacement or clones of Intel ones, but in fact, I believe AMD Ryzen is not, it should have already its own soul. It needs being born as its own rather than followers of others. Comparing prices and performance would lead such a thing into the hell. The poverties always possess an innocent purpose, buy only once, but last for ever. Just because they could not always afford the all, so they try their best to possess the best which they could reach only if that is only once within a long period. So as to this very reason, AMD Ryzen 7 is hard to be accepted in China mainland, but would eventually be made use by the Intel as the bait to advertising their countless future processors. The winner would always be the Intel thanks to the most efforts from AMD from all the time! Please do not ask a fool to be clever, or else they are the clever. But if the special organisation in China mainland are the potential purchasers, this mimicking and lowing price tech might be the very means and reasonable excuse for them to choose AMD ones rather than Intel. Ridiculous, but what is not ridiculous in this very ridiculous age.

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Big Boss
Big Boss

Re: AMD Ryzen 7 has already been released!

I posted an article on Ryzen earlier, release date is confirmed March 2, 2017


Soon I will post reviews of AM4 motherboards when they become more available

AMD does not send me slides so may revise my article once some surface. Yo AMD.

I have release day prices, but street prices will dance around like they always do. The real news will be what Intel does to react

i7-6900K performance for 1.2 price, Intel will no doubt look hard at that this evening.

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