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Journeyman III

AMD Ryzen 5 3400G & RAM overclocking on B450M ok?

Given AMD Ryzen 3400G and 16 GB DDR4-RAM, Dual Channel (2x 8 GB), 3000 MHz, Crucial Ballistix Sport LT,

1) is overclocking designated subject to:

  • ASUS Prime B450M-A ?

2) If so, do there limits exist for the APU and/or RAM ?

Thanks for answering & all the best,

R. Hood

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Journeyman III

Re: AMD Ryzen 5 3400G & RAM overclocking on B450M ok?

It will let all cores reach the overclock frequency instead of just 1 or 2 like the normal turbo boost does. For example, under full 6-core load, the 2600 will turbo to around 3.6 GHz. But if you overclock to 4.0 GHz, that would be a solid 10% performance gain.  KGTOPG So its definitely worth pursuing. 

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Big Boss

Re: AMD Ryzen 5 3400G & RAM overclocking on B450M ok?

If you are using the OEM CPU cooler, do not expect much from overclocking. Usually you need a substantial cooler for overclocking to handle the thermal load.

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Re: AMD Ryzen 5 3400G & RAM overclocking on B450M ok?

Most the tech sites agree that Overclocking Zen 2 aka Ryzen 3xxx is really not worth it. Mostly they are already boosting to capacity secondly do to the architecture and how incredibly optimized it is and able to dynamically adjust so darn fast between power states that in most cases it just isn't worth the pursuit. Many found that pushing all cores even locked into the native boost speed often causes throttling that negates doing it. Obviously as always, it is up to the silicon lottery. Just make sure to run some benchmarks and make sure that you are really getting more performance for the higher clock. Just because you can set it to a higher speed and it doesn't blue screen doesn't mean it is efficient. Also know that overclocking also voids your cpu warranty. 

Also worth mentioning is that you can also overclock the iGPU on those as well as the CPU and doing that has been shown to gain as much as 18%. So you would likely gain more from a iGPU OC than the ÇPU OC.

Can't hurt to try any of this as long as you only move things a little at a time and test your results. 

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