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Adept III

AMD Fluid Motion Frames (AFMF) and Boost

Last night I installed the new 24.1.1 Adrenalin drivers. I have a question about using AMD Fluid Motion Frames (AFMF) and Boost together for DX11 fast paced shooter games. The AFMF info button notes say it introduces lag in such games. It also recommends using Anti-Lag with it and Boost. I always have Anti-Lag on as a default. I play Quake Champions and tried both. With AFMF my FPS jumps in Adrenalin from 144 to like 256. Not sure if it's laggier or not. So for now while waiting for your opinions I turned off AFMF but left Boost on, so at least that still helps both DX11 and non-DX11 games. What do you recommend?

AMD RX 6950 XT 16GB Reference GPU
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