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Journeyman III

AMD FidelityFX Super resolution on PS5

Hi there,

I have first hand experienced AMD FidelityFX setting on gaming laptop Dell G3 15 and tbh this settings is absolutely mindblowing! Even though my screen supports up to 1080p resolution but with AMD FidelityFX set to 'On' from in game settings makes a dramatic difference and makes run at much sharper "4K resolution". Why they haven't implemented this yet on next gen consoles? And when possibly will they start doing that in games? I was hoping maybe The Outriders coming on PS5 could have utilized this AMD FidelityFX settings. Do you think that game will have AMD FidelityFX once it comes out or maybe later they have a patch for it? 

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Re: AMD FidelityFX Super resolution on PS5

I guess what you're refering to is not SuperResolution, but VSR, since it is VSR that allows setting higher resolution, whilst FFXSR is an equivalent to nVidia DLSS and is currently in development only. VSR will not be available on console because consoles are already severely limited in terms of GPU performance, barely able into 60FPS. VSR is basically SuperSampling in it's rawest and most primordial form of rendering the entire frame at high res regardless of layers and subpixel grids and then outputing at lower res. It's good for what it is (if not for the interface becoming tiny in games that don't scale it with resolution), but it literally gives the same GPU load as true 3840x2160, for example. 

Also, VSR above 5120x2880 when, AMD? I have a 4K (2160p) monitor, and getting 5120x2880 doesn't help at all - if anything, it makes image fugly. I use GeDoSaTo in games that support it for 5760x3240 (exactly 1.5x multiplier for 3840x2160) and 7680x4320 (exactly 2x multiplier). WТF?!