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Journeyman III

AMD 6800 display port constant disconnections

My 6800 just got past the 2 year mark and now it seems to be showing signs of dying.

I keep getting my main display port display disconnecting every few hours. I have to do a hard reboot of the computer to get the screen to work. I've got an HDMI display plugged in as well, that doesn't disconnect. I've tried multiple Display port cables, tried reducing the frame-rate on the display. My drivers are fully up to date as well, and the issue has been occurring on older drivers as well.

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Reading an old Reddit thread most mentioned that the DP Port stopped working after coming out of Sleep mode.

Was this the same situation for you?

Here is the latest RX6800 from AMD:

Here is the previous RX6800 Drivers from AMD:

Since it does the same thing with any version of AMD Driver it could be you have a intermittant DP Port on your GPU card. I would open a Support ticket and see if they believe you need to RMA the card to be checked or it is a Windows or BIOS setting that needs to be configured.

So it's not an issue when coming out of sleep mode and the issue occurs on every display port on the card.

I've tested the monitor on a different computer as well and it's not having the issue, so it's not the cable or the monitor either.

At this point I'm just going to get a different nvidia card and cut my losses