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Adept I
Adept I

Re: Always supported AMD.... until now? Why would AMD NOT support Win7 with their new RYZEN CPUs? BIG misstake

Well... when I gave you my advice to try Windows 10 "Aniversary Edition" (1607) I meant a clean install of it :

You should never install a new version of Windows over a previous one. The result is messy and take more space on your system disk than required by a clean install.

I agree Microsoft messed up with the upgrade process to Windows 10. That doesn't change the fact that Windows 10 (1607) is still the best Windows until today.

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Re: Always supported AMD.... until now? Why would AMD NOT support Win7 with their new RYZEN CPUs? BIG misstake

Learning C++ programming language is an interesting job, which I showed off to an American lady when I was a teenager. But Linux kernel is programming with C language rather than C++, even the kernel of Windows NT is almost written with C rather than C++, that is reason why people would love to spend time on MFC if they want to programme at many levels. As far as I know the very OS kernel involving partial C++ programming is macOS for its XNU system. I once worked as an AIX maintainer, the very first step entering into the world of UNIX or UNIX-like O/S, one should spend time on comprehending the system configuration, writing scripts (under /etc) directly or using something utilities provided by the O/S. Yeah, that is a hard job, black and white, far more boring than programming in C or C++. Like Linux, UNIX is almost the kernel or most fundamental layer of a whole O/S, what the professional administrators are just working on this layer. Commercialised Linux would provide much more convenient ways to ease those jobs, such as RHEL and/or SELS. Ubuntu is also a good toy to play with, because it already provided many GUI utilises, sitting end users far away from the Linux and/or shell level. But, after all, Linux is a collaborated work, involving efforts for many different teams or personal developers with different motivations and purposes. So such O/S could never be the product replacing O/S like Windows and/or macOS.

Windows and macOS are both out-of-box ready O/S, different from pieces of components arranged together to solve some a problem, they are designed as a whole, even  though macOS appearances as many layers from different products. macOS is designed for Apple in-house products, but Windows is designed for computers from different vendors. So they both could never replace each other, but supplement each other. Designing some a O/S like Windows would consider much more than the macOS, for the latter the final products are very close the O/S, they just need to consider how to use hardware to realise presumptions, without needing to consider expectations they do not need to worry about. So the Windows goes a little bit further from the actual hardware, but very close to the generalised imagined platform. Windows O/S could never exploit the potential power of a specific hardware, but could let as many computers as possible to run with their expectations. This thing is bad and good.

There is nothing perfect, so problems would happen to all the systems, but the solution weight at different means.

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Re: Always supported AMD.... until now? Why would AMD NOT support Win7 with their new RYZEN CPUs? BIG misstake


I contacted Microsoft Support and gave them feedback that I, for one, want to be able to use Windows 10 but do not want to have any telemetry in it at all.

I told them I would like to be able to purchase such a version.

I told them that I had had issues with the way the windows 10 rollout was performed, that I had seen problem where the privacy settings had been mysteriously changed after an update.
I told them that I found the lack of ability to control what patches are applied and when was an issue for me.

I also told them that I actually want to move to Windows 10 if those issues are addressed.
I also told them that the lack of Windows 7 support and Windows 10 telemetry might delay AMD Zen uptake, based on comments I see on this forum and on the Web in general.

I told them that I might have to move to using Linux.

I told them about Robolinux.

Thats it.

Feedback given.

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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

Re: Always supported AMD.... until now? Why would AMD NOT support Win7 with their new RYZEN CPUs? BIG misstake

Actually WIndows 7 is supported.  The level of support is limited by Microsoft NOT AMD.  In short their are NO drivers to write as DX12 is not supported by Windows 7.

In fact the ONLY "drivers" that AMD provides is GPU and DX11 related.  Since DX11 is dead and no longer supported by Microsoft there is nothing really to support for Windows 7.

The same with Windows 8.  Windows 8 supports DX11.3 but NOT DX11.X which was written for XBOX and has DX12 extensions.

However AMD fully supports Vulkan which IS written for Windows 7.

If you are a serious gamer, the best Directx API you are going to get is DX11.1.  DX11.2 and DX11.3 are Windows8 and Windows 10 ONLY.

The best API you will be able to run is Vulkan.

DX12 is unavailable and does not run on Windows 7 for obvious reasons.  Microsoft wants Windows 7 dead and buried like XP and the user into Windows 10.

I suppose AMD could release Mantle for Windows 7 however I don't know if there are back room deals NOT to release Mantle as DX12 is virtually the same API just rebranded.  However I doublt many Game Developers would add Mantle support in addition to supporting DX12 and legacy API's.

Windows 10 believe it or not is perfectly fine.  I am an old dog and I hate learning new tricks but if you want DX12 gaming then you have no choice in the matter.

So just bite the bullet and get a Windows 10 machine.

I will agree though that Windows 10 should have a legacy setting for Appearance say Win 7 or Win XP mode.  I have old XP software such as AutoCad C3d that does not run on WIndows 7 or Windows 10.

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Esteemed Contributor III

Re: Always supported AMD.... until now? Why would AMD NOT support Win7 with their new RYZEN CPUs? BIG misstake

I am sure that I followed Microsoft recommend upgrade instructions.

I am certain I ran all of the disk and system checks that are required.

It is all irrelevant now. I am moving to Linux as my primary Operating System.

The next decision to take is which Linux OS / Distribution to move to.

My recommedation to anyone else taking this decision  is to use the latest version of Ubuntu Desktop as a starting point.

I will stay on Ubuntu myself for now. AMD Drivers are available and it seems to have the best Driver support at the moment.

I downloaded and installed Robolinux this morning, just to look at it in terms of a Linux Distribution, to see how easy it was to install, and compare to Ubuntu.

I wanted to take a look at what exactly it is they are providing versus just staying with Ubuntu, and to see If I could do similar in Ubuntu.

The system I tried it on is Asus Z87 Deluxe/Dual i7-4770K/Dual R9 Nano/ 32GB Memory.

My experience downloading and Installing Robolinux was the same as I have with Ubuntu.

1. Download the ISO.

2. Burn the ISO to a DVD Disk.

3. Boot from the DVD disk. Robolinux installs and launches and you get two options.

     a. Run it as a live CD - just to take a look at it. If it looks like it works and you are happy then ...

     b. Install it to a hard drive immediately.

4. I tried the Live CD. Everything worked no problem.

5. I installed it to a Crucial 500GB SATA3 SSD.

6. I tested it for a few hours running from the Hard Drive.

As a Linux installation it was very easy. Everything is there. All the office software you need - You can read and edit Microsoft Office  etc.

The 3D Desktop does work as advertised in the Video.

You need to make Donation Payment by Paypal to access the Easy Installers.

I stopped there. I need to find out more about Robolinux and take care to make sure who they are exactly.

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