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Journeyman III

AGESA Combo-AM4 V2 cause Win7 ACPI error BSOD

B550 MB. can use Win7 without any problems before update to AGESA Combo-AM4 V2, A

Combo-AM4 V2 cause Win7 "the bios in this system is not fully acpi compliant" BSOD , AMD should fix it.

Also, Ryzen 4000 series Laptop have Win7 "not ACPI fully compliant" problem too.

AMD, you are not a part of Wintel, you should keep Win7 support at least to 2025 before Bug10 can be a Win10 or Win7 market share lower than 5% (~24% now).

Operating system market share 

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First, Windows 7 is not supported by Microsoft with any more Windows updates which AMD latest drivers depends on to work correctly.

Second, AMD stopped supporting Ryzen processor in Windows 7 but still supports Windows 7 with AMD latest drivers for it GPUs. But eventually AMD will stop supporting Windows 7 entirely in the near future as more and more Users are forced to switch to Windows 10.

Third can't you downgrade the current BIOS to an earlier version that did work with Windows 7?

Fourth you gave very little computer information for other Users to be able to help.

FIfth maybe updating your AMD CHIPSET might fix your problem but found out AMD download page has no CHIPSET Drivers for Windows 7. So you need to go to your Motherboard's Support download page and install their latest Windows 7 CHIPSET Drivers.


Most mother board can't downgrade after update to AGESA ComboV2 version.

Also, I know A520 B550 X570 Chipset Win7 Mod Driver can download from Win-raid forum, but ACPI problem is that BIOS Agesa's problem has nothing to do with Driver.

AMD should not let users lose the opportunity to use Win7 after updating BIOS AGESA, AMD should be responsible for this issue.

Before Win10 is stable before Win7, should not force others to use Win10.

AMD should not follow the practice of M $ to stop supporting Win 7, and Win 7 still has more than 24% of computers in use. AMD is not part of Wintel! AMD's continued support for Win7 will make some Intel platform users who insist on using Win7 want to switch to the AMD platform.


AGESA is now widely distributed for most AM4 uses. It is configured for the needs of Windows 10.

AGESA is now slowly being adopted but it remains in beta.


AGESA ComboV2 is newer version, AGESA is older version.


windows 7 is now EOL, upgrade to windows 10 to get support