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Adrenalin 18.3.1 Driver Feedback Thread

Are you using Adrenalin 18.3.1?

If so, How’s That Driver Working For You?


All good?

What's new?

Did it solve a problem?

Tell us plz.

Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition 18.3.1 Release Notes

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Not a lot of use on them yet. All I have had time to test thus far are the standard benchmarks I run after installing new drivers. I install drivers then do 2 restarts to insure all is well, then run benchmarks. The new drivers have taken about a 10% decrease in performance in both DX 11 and 12 over the last drivers. If stability is better I guess that's good? :-{ 

Radeons Settings doesn't seem to be able to exit without crashing. Although this happened a lot before. Looking forward to trying the standard issues to see if they have been resolved. All of them are not even listed as issues standing or resolved anymore, but are not fixed. Hopefully better now. I keep hoping to play Tomb Raider without frequent crashes!


Okay so I actually got some time to play games tonight. Only play Forza Horizon 3 to verify it worked for another thread, and yes it did BTW. I spent the night playing Battlefield One and all was great. For the first time, all settings I wanted to use actually worked together! Chill, FRTC, Freesync all working great! I hope other game engines show this improvement too! Time will tell, but it sure looks like they are getting all these features working better. I just wish they could get Radeon Settings to work without hanging or crashing on every little change. But the overlay in game is working great!

Okay after writing this I did have another issue and started the following thread: Core clock not dropping back to 300, memory does. Since 18.3.1

My core clock gets triggered to run at full clock and won't come back down to 300 without a restart. I believe it is video playback in the browser triggering this, but not sure.


This driver is working nicely here same as all the others - TimeSpy benchmark score improved a tad bit but it's marginal.

Journeyman III

Downloaded the new driver for my Sapphire Rx 470 8 GB OC+ running on x64 Win 10.

However I get random in-game freezes and crashes with the new driver for PUBG in 18.3.1, rerolling back to 18.2.2 does not give me these problems. Seems to be driver issue so nah, not working properly.


Do you have your power limit set to its max?


I created a own topic, but nah, I did not touch any setting for my gpu.


Hey ray_m and matt, why is it wrong for this thread to be in the drivers forum?

A thread about drivers does not belong in the forum for said driver? cray cray.


Coz this thread here is NOT in Drivers but in the General Discussion forum


Noodles I believe, it's that he believes this should be in Drivers, I think the MODS asked him not to post it there. I am guessing they wish this, as this topic upon every release has gotten a bit unruly and often hard to follow. I can absolutely see both sides of the coin on this one, but the unfortunate fact is that in the past, some conversations crossed a line they shouldn't. People however are getting pretty passionate over the fact we are often spending way to much trying to get our hardware to work than being productive or playing games.

18.3.2 drivers are out.