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Adept I

6900xt Call of Duty Stuttering

I've had my 6900xt since November/2021 and Ive been dealing with the stutter ever since. Not just Caldera which has stuttering so bad its unplayable but even with high frames in multiplayer or rebith etc, 1% lows are awful.


My system is a 6900xt/5950x/asus x570 dark hero/ 32gb 3800 c14 ram. 1000w evga psu. I play at 270hz 1440p lowest graphics possible.

Ive switched gpu, cpu, ram, went to an asrock x570 taich8, and upgraded my psu from a corsair rm850 to the evga 1000. Stutters disappear with nvidia gpu.

Ive done every tweak that was possible in radeon software/windows/bios and in the game and nothing completely fixes it. 


Downclocking the gpu helps some, but one thing that helps (doesnt fix completely)  i had was disabling ftpm in bios for windows 10. Not sure why but eventually they came out with an agesa bios for some motherboards.


Even when i have over 300 frames in multiplayer, my 1% lows will be in the 150-200 fps range. The game doesnt feel smooth at all.


Hoping for an eventual fix, since this issue has been pretty well known complaint for awhile.



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