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Adept III

6000 series pricing

Greetings all, now that we have seen the launch of the 237m2 Polaris successor, the 6600XT priced at $379 USD, i'm wondering what people think about this noting that Polaris launched at $199 in 2016. That's a 68% increase over and above official USD inflation. My wages haven't gone up 68% since 2016. Are people actually going to buy this product at this price, wait and see what intel brings to market, or look at consoles?

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Adept III

Re: 6000 series pricing

I'm quite considerate with my money as well, but... is anyone really obliged to buy the newest products at their launch prices? I mean, even those with spare funds to spend might wait and see for a better offer, rather than instantly buying something new, especially if they're content with the performance on their previous generation cards. And, mind you, 6600XT is even positioned more in a "mid-range budget GPU" segment, so it's not like any wealthy enthusiasts will be grabbing it right away too. Besides, I'd be very cautious with AMDs newest GPUs - it seems as if the quality has gone downhill a bit (judging from the number of people who have issues with their cards on this forum alone, for instance), so it's reasonably better to see some real lengthy performance reviews first. Moreover, miners and greedy resellers haven't gone anywhere, so these relatively cheap cards might fall victim to these unpleasant circumstances of the current situation... and will be overpriced no matter what.

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