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with AMD use 4th dimensional maths and terms instead of cube tesseract. it then looks nicer.

AMD are true super computers designed by mathematicians to simulate reality without any visible difference as it can do so at genetics level resolution rendering called RDNA or the playstation 3 cellular level with true skin sweat hair and smoke called CELL resolution graphics.

i cant wait to see how powerful RDNA 3 is and how much better at reality simulating and life like it is..

though i dont know if you see what i see. 


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I would say that the CPUs are mostly designed by computer engineers, electrical engineers, logic designers and such.  I can agree though that mathematicians are consulted in the design process.  

Back in the day, when I was at university, I remember studying routing algorithms (trying to lay out motherboard traces) and as designs become more complex, moving into 3D space, the difficulty increases substantially.  Logic design was another course I enjoyed, where the building blocks of a CPU were developed at the ground level. 

So what are you talking about with 'genetics level resolution' and 'cellular level' rendering? 

As Albert Einstein said, "I could have done so much more with a Big Al's Computer!".

octillions of render resolution but yes i know genetics level is way higher probably.. i just dont know how to mathematically express it in a way appropriate and most software or game engines arent made to support it or the OS maybe blocks it beyond octillions.

first read the definition of the word compute its a tool or calculation devices that performs maths.

So intel and nvidia would be right and correct in saying an abacus is a computer or computational tool.

and would sell you one. While mathematicians build real computers as in modern computing.. with quantum phsyics and instantaneous SIMD infinitycache/infinityfabric true super computers literal textbook computing definition of a super computer CAS0 and all.. infinitely scaling football fields of ryzen only go faster not 11 minutes delay like competitors.

so when a mathematician wants to perform all the maths possibly possible.. they make a device that can do so.. a cheap scientific calculator $20-50 is miles faster and better and more powerful than every inteli9 or nvidia thing that i know of the last 20 years. i mean that literally even for gaming especially for gaming.

now since 60's quadratic graphics tesseracts and tessellation was literally corner cut to single lines they call a hypotenuse and pretend are triangles or an equilateral triangle.. intel is similarly taking the cheapest nastiest abacus of cash register maths calculators and pretending its a computer with their 60's COBOL IBM commerce language they renamed to C++ 

so when I say im using true hardware and enabling TRUEVISUALNEXT and TRUEAUDIONEXT and TRUEVIDEOCORENEXT and truecontent rendering instead of 3d volume rendering bloody mean it. what i dont know or have a clue about is.. what the hell do i call terms in 5D or 6th dimension? i can see 5th and 6th and 7th dimension phenomena reproduced in my game worlds when i reality simulate.. but i dont know how to name them so the driver stops trying to use nvidia fake methods. nvidia uses like 3bit or 6bit RAM instead of 8bit. because two points they dont need it its not 4D at all.

I mean that using 1960's quadratic graphics known as tesseracts or hypercubes later called tessellation as they elevate and extrude while tesseracting so trees and castle wall brick work extrudes juts outwards rather than a flat carboard box look. you can see AMD's ray tracing in the 60s before the computers were ultimately powerful enough to game better on more complex ray marching or ray casting i use all 3 today.. 

anyway a tesseract is a 4D cube. so you can use instead of 3dvolume realtime rendering while gaming you can instead 4D content rendering.. instead of area use facets.. instead of polygons use polychorons.

instead of speres glomes. can anybody give me some hints as to hypercubes hyperplanes and hyperspheres glomes/pentatopes and whatever are called in 5th dimentional or 6th dimensional. plugging into google showed me stuff without me having a clue what the clear simple word is for the geometry. typing that stuff in games faster and better. while reality simulating far more life like.

using infinitytesseraction/tessellation and like maybe 16 or 32xEQsupersampling among other things makes you game faster and far more detailed than you could ever imagine while reality simulaing in realtime 4dimensional rendering.