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Journeyman III

When AMD will fix all the issues with drivers for RX series ?

I really love RX 5700 XT, but the drivers for this card are just terrible. BSOD with 19.8.1 version and higher when using Hardware Acceleration, BSOD if using Enhanced Sync or VSR. I mean, there's so much functionality but to get this card to work stable I can't even use them, not to mention I need older driver to avoid BSODs in just watching YouTube. Please, AMD, I know making the drivers isn't easy, but at least do not release unstable drivers as official and do not include functions that just don't work. Anyway, I hope this issues will be fixed soon.

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This is a user to user forum with some input, sometimes, from AMD employees.
Did you file AMD Reporting form using the "Report Issues Online" link in Radeon Settings?


That will file a report to AMD but you as a User will get no feedback about the problems you report as there is no case system. 

You can also use the "Problem Report Wizard" to generate debug data for AMD here: 


Other alternative  to use the support methods here: 
You can open a support case here: