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What is your favorite or most difficult achievement in a game?

I adore achievements and have been known to play games simply to collect them, so it's hard for me to pick a favorite. 😁

My achievement record on Steam:


Top 5 games with achievements (admittedly 3 of the 5 are not difficult to get achievements in lol):


The most difficult achievement I think I've gotten is one called "Challenge Accepted" from Borderlands 2. It requires the level 1 completion of all non-level/location-specific challenges with a single character so not really complicated, but a bit time consuming, especially when it came to finding Jimmy Jenkins (if you know, you know lol).

One achievement I'd really like to get but think would be difficult is from Vermintide 2, called "Norscannihilation" where you have to complete Skittergate on Legend. It's the only achievement I have left to get in the game that isn't based on leveling a character.

Do y'all have any favorite achievements or memories of a particularly difficult achievement? Let's hear em!

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It would be a non steam achievement.

Finishing Doom 1 & 2 in Nightmare.


The Englishman

Back in my wow days I went hardcore on everything.. grinding things since TBC.. the sillys ones like this tbc one. It looks easy but you couldn't have them at the same time. So you got one, then the other and when you went to get the original one back there were only these crappy things that give you like 15 rep each. Took stupidly long

Screenshot 2022-06-04 002935.jpg

This next one probably brings back nightmares for anyone who attempted it early on.

This was classed as 'mathematically impossible' at the time. however a Taiwanese guild called Stars somehow managed it. It was nerfed after that but still a coordination nightmare.

Screenshot 2022-06-04 003409.jpg


Don't play anymore but I'd say 90% of my favorite moments / most difficult achievements were done in that game during tbc & wrath

Here are 2 achievements of mine that I can share:




This was a hard achievement in Banished. It seems not many people got this one. Not surprising though as the game gets increasingly difficult when you attempt to expand.




This is a super fun achievement in Deep Rock where everyone has to hop on a harvester and stay on it. After some coordination, it's a great feeling to get that one. Surprisingly rare even though it's not complicated.


I'd have to take a look through my WoW account (which I haven't logged into in years, but I know I have some rare ones there).

On steam however I took a look to see some that I could remember, and some that were rare:


The Mean Greens - Army Warfare (rare)


Modern Warfare 2 (rare)


Portal 2 (hard)


Deep Rock Galactic (hard) 

Also, @TechJoe I still need to get that Car Pool achievement. 

There are so many more achievements that I have, much like @Ashley_AMD but I can't remember which ones were hard, or even which ones were completely accidental 😛



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Haha love hearing about everyone's achievements!

This post inspired me this weekend to try and complete the last achievement I have in Borderlands 2, called "Painbow Connection", which requires you to equip effervescent-quality gear in all slots (except class mod).

It's basically just farming for weapons, but I had a ton of fun and spent all weekend playing. Took "breaks" from farming to do side quests every so often. My Gunzerker is level 72 so I just breeze through all of the enemies anyway lol.

And because I love the way it looks, an example of effervescent-quality gear:


Ryzen 7 5800X • Radeon RX 6900 XT • Gigabyte X570S AERO G •

Now that I'm sitting in my computer I can peacefully snip this:

Although my personal hardest was a no steam achievement, the Ultimate Doom and Doom 2 on nightmare. And let me tell you that Doom 3, 2016 and Eternal are very easy even in the hardest setting when comparing to the original ones.

The STEAM favorite would be this:

100% completion on NieR Automata



The Englishman

I think for me, that would have been finding all the discoveries in "Skies of Arcadia" on the Dreamcast.  It took a while to track those Flutterflies down.

One of the hardest games I've played is Darkness 2 because of all the controls for Darkness.

Here's what my showcase looks like:


I think the most fun was doing the Crash Bandicoot Nsane Trilogy 100%, the timed relics were a pain but satisfying. I also always enjoy FromSoftware game 100%-ing.


Adept II

Achievements didn't really exist the last time I was among the elite in a game. That was back when Halo 2 and Xbox Live just came out.

Since then, my gaming career has been pretty unimpressive, but I'm having fun. The achievement I'm working on now is trying to cold start some jet fighters in DCS. I don't think they award you any achievements for that either though. 🙂


Gonna have to go Old School on this one ... 

My favorite achievement is:

Getting thru the arcade game "Shinobi" on one quarter back in the 1980's. 

This was a highlighted game at the time so they had an extra monitor mounted on top because there would usually be quite a few people standing around watching whomever was playing the game.

"They" .. eventually turned up the difficulty on the game and I was still able to get thru the whole game on just one quarter. On Friday evenings, I thought I was pretty hot stuff with 10-15 or so other individuals standing behind me watching me own all those villainous enemy Ninja's ... if only I had a mullet and a tight short sleeved shirt with the collar up on it at the time .. then my life would have been complete.

so close .. so ... close .. 

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