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What Games Have You Been Playing?

I have tried quite a few games this last month. I enjoyed nearly all of them but some stand out a little farther than the rest. I have had the most fun playing FF14, and Digital Extremes new game Wayfinder. 

Final Fantasy XIV is an MMORPG set in a medieval fantasy world where you can explore, ride chocobos and quest with friends or alone. I have spoken about this game before and commended the fact that you have to go out of your way to find the cash shop to spend money IRL on the game. It has a multiple class system where you can choose a second class to specialize in allowing for people groups that are short a role to play together anyway. If you want something that feels polished and different from the typical MMORPG this game delivers. 


Wayfinder is Digital Extremes new game set in a world taken over by "The Gloom". You can use items to modify dungeons, to drop specific items or spawn specific monsters, as well as pull other Wayfinders from the gloom. It very much does remind me of their past game Warframe, in that you have modifiers that you can equip to yourself and your weapons to maximize specific effects. I am admittedly not very far into the game but it does feel good to play.


What have you been playing? 

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Gotham Knights, CoD MW3, Resident Evil 4 remake, soon it will be Alan Wake 2.

Adept I

Path of Exile.

Adept I

Just tried the finals, not sure how I feel about it but for free it's decent. Lethal company with the boys always better with a group, fortnite zero build yes yes I know the forbidden game but without the build option I find it actually kinda fun. Halo infinite and I recently finished baldurs gate. And some VR games dabbled in, been meaning to play asgards wrath 2

Journeyman III

Just started playing a little wc3 custom games again for the memories. Loved playing so many of them back in the day. 6950xt holding up alright 😛

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Death Stranding 

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Journeyman III

I finished an x3d build not long ago with an rog strix lc rx 6800 xt oc. The pairing is incredible. It plays many titles better than my intel build with a 4090. I been playing wow, rocket legue, alan wake 2, cod black ops cold wra, mw2, and witcher 3.


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Adept III

I went in my closet today and dug out a old game just to see how it would work on a newer system compared to back in 2006, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Game play was perfect, with every setting maxed out. I am going to play it through, I have all the expansion packs also.

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The only game I enjoy playing is World of Tanks - Blitz, and it’s even better since my recent upgrade to the Tiger tank.  


As Albert Einstein said, "I could have done so much more with a Big Al's Computer!".
Adept II

nowadays only Diablo 3 


my classic list

Medalofhonor 2010 using 4k tv

Virtua cop 1 -2

midtown madness with snowy weather was crazy 

Worms world party

Red alert 2 -3

knight online  only between(2003-2006)

nfs porsche (2000)

Kerbal space program 1 was nice also.


Journeyman III

Recently i played free fire advance server 😉  and in played after 3 years later.


My go to games are CoD4, BF V, BF2042 and ive just recently started playing an early access release called BodyCam.


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