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The Callisto Protocol

Just finished The Callisto Protocol. It was really good. I haven't gone through a video game like that from beginning to end for a very long time. Looking forward to the next one. Took me 2 weeks and I would get my son to give me a hand getting through some things I couldn't get through lol. 

Ran my 6750xt, stock, at highest setting on 4k 48" OLED with no issues at all. It was smooth at 48-52fps average, with temps 74-76C stock reference cooler. I did get a little coil whine for a couple days during loading, but it went away. 



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Community Manager

This is on my list of games to play (I've started getting a backlog of games I need to get to...). I've heard good things about it and can't wait to actually try it out! 

Was it scary at all? I loved the OG Deadspace, so hoping this has a bit of thrill to it.


It was really cool. That is exactly! how I would compare it. Just like Deadspace. Perfect

And yes I did jump a couple times lol

Looks like I know what I'm finally getting into this weekend. 😁

Adept II

I have such a backlog of games to play and this is one of them and I've heard mix things on it but all my closest friends loved and really enjoyed it! I still need to dive into Dead Space as well! So many games and so little time this video game season has been Poppin off hardcore!


Glad you enjoyed it and makes me happy to see positivity in the gaming industry and people just loving games!