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Sam at PAX West

Happy Friday, Red Team!

PAX West 2022 was great! Another successful Red Team event!

To start, I had to pleasure to meet folks from all walks of life, all of whom had one thing in common, AMD. I feel lucky to have had the chance to speak (actually I should say “pitch”) to them about the Red Team Community while picking their brains for ideas and how we can do things better. Builders, Modders, Gamers, Fans, Cosplayers, and a dozen Content Creators stopped by to say hello. While handing the Amazon $100 Gift Cards to them and signing up new members for the Red Team Community I enjoyed all the conversations, and I learned something new. I had a “duh” moment while speaking with a Content Creator (Streamer), which was reiterated while speaking with another streamer the following day. Mind you I’m old-school, I’m simple and get easily confused (LOL), but it never dawned on me that some streamers (if not all of them) are aspiring entrepreneurs/business owners, with a vision for their content, and “making it” today is extremely challenging, and requires an unimaginable amount of time, effort, and dedication. I can’t expand on the details for all good reasons, but let me assure you, the conversations have opened my mind to the world of streaming. I appreciate you!

We demo’ed a few games by our partners every day. From Saints Row and Asterigos to Lies of P, and the 4v4 Halo Infinite battles we made a  lot of noise. You should have seen the lines to play Lies of P and the crowds around the 4v4 matches. Gamers were bonding, some were talking-#%^k with a smile, while others were cheering; in the end, everyone had a good time.









And when was raffle time, well, I’m sure you can imagine the hype. Mind you, ASUS’ booth was next to ours, so the noise was amped up by a factor of 10?! (Shoot, I lost my voice as I had to scream, not talk, to our fans and customers.“What?”, “I’m sorry, what did you say?”, “Oh yeah, McDonald’s isn’t selling food”, “No, I said, my name is Sam not Pam” - meh).







Another protagonist of our booth was the mighty AMD sign! Creative, artistic, with a splash of Red! Hundreds of attendees took…you guess it…selfies, group pictures, and more selfies! A little detail that made the sign “specialer” is that it was lit (it wasn’t at PAX East). And the fact that the hall we were in was a bit dark, the lighting made the sign stand out!  








Now, onto the good stuff! I know you know I like F1, Racing, and have been asking Santa for a racing simulator for X-mas. Dude, all I can say is Dude! I got to play ACC in one of the Al Racing Rigs. They were being demo’ed in the ASUS booth. The moment I saw them, I said “Dude, I have to!” On Monday morning, before the doors opened, I was allowed to run three laps. I made the record…that lasted for about 2 hours! Not a good thing, I know I could have done better, but it was good to see “Sam_AMD” on the leaderboard while it lasted. Sorry guys, I forgot to take pictures, I was a little boy in the candy store.

AL Racing Video:


In closing, we managed to paint PAX West Red! I believe I represented us (the Red Team Community) well. I mentioned to everyone we’re a community of great folks, ready to help one another, offer tips, and share our passion while keeping our discussions fun and clean. The AMD Staff worked hard and it showed. Just look at the pictures!

The AMD TeamThe AMD Team


Your biggest fan!
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Absolutely love this Sam! I'm sure the way you described the Red Team to everyone opened a lot of eyes, and you're right - that AMD sign looked amazing!

PAXWest is high on my and @AFKG-Curtis 's radar for 2023! So let's hope you guys are back 😉

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I love the sign. You seem to have had a blast. That's awesome. 

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It was fantastic to meet you and get to know you a bit!  Hopefully, we will be able to collaborate on something soon! Pax was so much fun and AMD's booth looked fantastic!

Hi! Me too! I'm happy to see you here with the rest of the Red Team! Always feel free to shoot me a PM...😉

Your biggest fan!
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