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RBG & LED - Do you need them to be a "Gamer?"


So anyone who has watched one of our streams knows that I have an LED light strip running around my gaming room, and I must say that I am quite happy with the results. The room looks great, and the lighting adds to the ambiance of my gaming experience.

However, I have been seeing a lot of people associating LED lights, backlights and tiles with being a "real" gamer. I think it started as a bit of a joke, you know "the more RGB you have, the better you are at gaming" - but recently I came across a Twitter thread that had people, un-jokingly, ragging on someone because their gaming room didn't have a ton of RGB LEDs and saying they weren't real gamers.

Personally, I enjoy having my room lit up with LED lights, but I don't think it's something that defines me as a gamer. I enjoy it because I feel that the red hue from the LEDs is softer on my eyes in general, compared to the contrast of the bright standard bulbs and the monitor. Now, I know I am definitely missing out on the aesthetic of some of the much cooler things you can do with RGB strips and tiles, and for those who have them - not going to lie, I am a little jealous. However, it kinda sucks to hear that some people are pushing it on people saying that if you don't have them, you aren't a gamer.

What do you think? Do you have all the RGB and LEDs your room can handle, or maybe you are like me and just have one or none?

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Do you need them to be considered a gamer? Absolutely not. Do they look cool? Absolutely, yes. I'm personally a mixture of the two. I have some RGB lighting on the PC, mousepad and peripherals. Do I have it in the entire room and do I plan to? Nah, lol.

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My wife would be against me mounting those LED panels on the wall because it still has a power cord coming down the wall to plug into an outlet.  It's just like she wanted our TVs mounted on the wall but she insisted that the power cords and other connectors go into the wall and come out near the floor where you don't see them.  So my use of RGB has been with the computers themselves (RGB fans, RGB strips, etc.) and with the RGB keyboards and mice.  I even have RGB strips behind the monitors for that nice ambience while browsing the Internet.  On the rare occasions when I do game, I certainly do have all the RGB stuff engaged to maximize my accuracy!

As Albert Einstein said, "I could have done so much more with a Big Al's Computer!".

I don't fancy the hanging wires too.

What I can do is: If its USB powered, I use a hidden powerbank. I have so many of them that are complete trash for phone charging but super amazing to small RGB/LED lights.

I even have a solar charger for them. 😁

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One thing I really want to do is upgrade my behind-tv LEDs to those that read the screen and change colours to match. However, I don't really want - and like @BigAl01 my wife would probably be against - those lights that need a camera mounted on the TV to work.

So looking at something like PhillipsHUE, but hopefully less expensive 😛

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Goovee has them. Last year in the blackfriday they were like 40% off.

Almost bought one but them I got a 9€ USB RGB strip from IKEA 🤣

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Well, seeing as I'm the best gamer who's ever put hands on a mouse and keyboard AND I have zero LEDs around my office, I'd say you don't need 'em!

Jokes aside, I only have a few RBG lights in my rig itself, but wouldn't mind spicing up my office with some neat LEDs on my shelves or something. Both versions of the pics you shared look great to me!


I like gaming in near complete darkness. But my 43 year old eyes can't take it anymore.

The only RGB/LED I have is on my keyboard & mouse. It's blue. Oh... My AIO has a white LED, but I haven't been arsed to cut the LED cable yet.

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While I am super into RGB, I think the prices for things like RGB ambient light panels are outrageous. I lean toward the true gamers being the people who are running hardware from 2015 that manage to get higher scores and just generally play better than most, while the games are running at 30FPS. 

If you can outplay people while getting barely playable frames on an old Dell XPS with a keyboard on your lap and your mouse on a DVD case. You are a true gamer, and we as gamers should aspire to be like you. 

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RGB and LED are okay, but everyone knows "gamers" have spinners, hydraulics, and speakers that let the neighbors know what game you are playing. Or maybe that is cars.

If I were making myself a real gamer, I would be clothed head to toe with advertisements for gaming brands, have a personal assistant, fog machine, my own copyrighted theme music, and the gaudiest wrist brace you could find that I would wear 24/7 so everyone would know I was a gamer or semi-pro bowler.

I actually think gamers are more about the sum of the parts rather than one or two individually. If you like games, that should be enough to be considered a gamer.


Some do take the phrase: "RGB for extra FPS" to the extreme 🤣

Pretty lights does not equal skill unless there's some special condition in someone's brain.


What the RGB can do is:

With AURA Sync you have in-game lighting effects (compatible games only) that interact with you using RGB.
EG: You get near an object and it highlights the key on your keyboard to grab it.
EG: You get killed and it all turns bright RED everywhere.

Its kinda fun and Love the WASD glow differently in the dark.

Not mentioning that I already have profiles for RGB and temperature warnings. Don't like the overlay in the monitor to keep track of it.

I love the themes that I can make out of it.

BONUS: ASUS Aura syncs with Phillips Hue, and were supposed to sync with IKEA Tradfri, last one never got implemented, which is sad because my entire house is IKEA Home Smart. Would love to see the house bulbs sync with the computer.

I have lots of RGB but not in a overkill way, I skipped RGB fans because Noctua is Noctua.

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