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Looking for Game Recommendations!

Happy Monday, Red Team!

As you all may have noticed, @Key-J shared that it’s National Video Game Day, and I’m all about it!

I’ve seen a post or two recently regarding the kinds of games you find yourself going back to time and time again. I always love to see the responses in these discussions because it introduces me to awesome games I might not have heard of before (new and old).

That being said, I’m actually looking for something new and exciting to jump into this week. I’m one of those gamers who has a Steam library filled with games that have been opened maybe once or twice (curse those enticing Steam sales), and I usually find myself playing the same 3 - 4 games at a time.

(I know some libraries are like, 5 times bigger than mine, but I'd say 75% of these games I've maybe opened up once…)(I know some libraries are like, 5 times bigger than mine, but I'd say 75% of these games I've maybe opened up once…)So, if you have a recommendation that isn’t World of Warcraft, League of Legends, or Rocket League (my current rotation) – please share! I’m usually open to most games (FPS, RTS, MOBAs, BRs, Single and Multiplayer, etc.), so don’t hold back. Ideally, as I said earlier, I’m looking for something a bit newer… so maybe something within the last ~2 years?

Whatcha got, Red Team?

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Ghostrunner is a game that really surprised me. If you are into platforming, wall running and games that are more challenging, you will enjoy this game. It is a single player experience and while it is able to be completed in less than 12 hours, the story is great. The setting is awesome and the graphics look amazing. 

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Sounds awesome -- I love a good platformer. Will definitely check this out and report back!

Do you like conspiracy games?
Give it a try on Deus Ex SAGA. They put a lot of effort and the story is cohesive. Well, don't start with Invisible War, that one almost ruined the thing.
There is also Meta Gear Solid but its not FPS. Definitely Worth Playing.

Sci Fi Space FPS?
System Shock SAGA very old but gold. You can try the spiritual successor BioShock (its almost the same game but under water in an old style futurist city)
Dead Space is somewhat similar, worth a shot.

Like old style shooting, good storytelling and open world , then MAFIA has nothing wrong.
Very Far future hack & slash with an excellent music and very deep philosophical story that once you finish the game makes us think that life has very little meaning and Nihilism is the way to go.
Then NieR Automata

Real Time Strategy with a rich story running in the background and hard like you wouldn't believe.
Starcraft SAGA. You can't actually select difficulty in the Starcraft 1 and even though most of the game is super easy, the last Broodwar levels are quite hard. Also, Starcraft 1 and expansion is FREE on Blizzard.
The alternative, C&C SAGA but the story doesn't seemed that deep has SC, although it has more cinematics and high payed actors.

A free game that will make you GPU Suffer?

RoG Citadel XV. Beware! Lots of RoG advertising, but hey... its free on Steam.

The Englishman

Thanks so much for this detailed response! I've heard of all these games, but have only played the Starcraft games. System Shock has been an interesting one I've thought about playing in the past... maybe it's time I circle back on that one. (Loved Dead Space.)



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I've heard about this game before and have seen a few people play it on Twitch. I'll have to look into it some more and try it out!

You can ask @AFKG-Curtis what he thinks of it 😛 

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This game gave me the heebie jeebies but it was an interesting game.


Glad I was able to serve as a little bit of inspiration @Wally_AMD !

Here are a couple of my recommendations:


This was a super fun game if you are looking for a fun single-player storyline where you feel like an absolute bad ass Ninja against difficult enemies and a sense of accomplishment at completing levels and beating bosses.


Works absolutely fantastic as a single-player game, but really shines when you play with others. There is no levelling up, so it's all about skill and learning the ropes. You can make things the most chaotic PvP-focused, heavy enemy engagement sessions - or chill with some easier more relaxing delivery missions and enjoy the atmosphere and ambiance of the high seas.


You need to sink quite some time into this game, but my absolute favourite when it comes to the "open world sandbox survival" genre. They should be coming out with Ark2 next year and I.Cant.Wait.


Fun shooter game with some surprising twists. Great for jumping on, playing some missions and jumping off. 

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Deep Rock Galactic is a blast. I played it a while back but haven't jumped into it in a few months. Sea of Thieves is another one on my list of games to try, so you've nudged me a bit more on that one!

Adept II

Give “No Man's Sky” a shot, or try the new title “The Wandering Village”.

Also, I can recommend Chorus.

Have fun.

I've played No Man's Sky (thought it was great for a while, then a bit repetitive), but never heard of The Wandering Village. Will check it out!


Warcraft III campaign was fun for me. Ori and the Blind Forest, Hades both great games. I recommend you to stop playing online games and play more singleplayer games. I did start Cyberpunk 2077 recently and I like it for now.

Hades and WCIII are both awesome. Fond memories of the latter and rage-inducing memories of the former, hahaha. Ori has been on my wish list forever... good to know it's still recommended. Will have to finally pick it up!


Age of Mythology good old game I love it.

I did add ghostrunner to my list, thanks to this discussion.

Maybe you can share few good games with us.

These are probably well-known, but still fun if you're looking to pass some time and chill out while playing games:

Risk of Rain 2a roguelike third-person shooter where you run through levels by clearing monsters, grabbing loot, and get as far as you can (while getting as powerful as you can) without dying.

Viscera Cleanup Detail - Literally become a space janitor tasked with cleaning up rooms after wild sci-fi events that may seem a bit familiar (i.e., pretty sure half life and other games are referenced).

Terraria - basically 2D minecraft, but in my opinion, way more fun as it has platformer qualities.


Oh man, I loved AoM. That was such a unique RTS style. I'm sad that it didn't keep on like AoE.

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I still play it with friend after 15 years I think. AoM look is relaxing, sound and unit voice lines are great.


Faster Than Light. It's a little niche, but I loved it.

Did you try Star Citizen?


Assassin Creed Valhalla is free on uplay+ right now, seems to play well on ryzen/radeon setups

Adept III

oxygen not inc. 

Oxygen Not Included [Official Launch Trailer] - YouTube

IMO the most amazing survival builder game


I think the 700hrs speaks for itself lol. 

or if Diablo is your thing, but like me D3 was just a hollow dead husk of what the originals were try Path of Exile... please don't be intimidated by the skill tree, it's not as bad as it looks LOL


 if a smooth brain like me can understand it anyone can


Adept II

Portal games are quite fun.

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