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Journeyman III

How to get that ladder out of the games

Снимок экрана (50).pngHow to remove the stairs that are under the lid? The game has SMAA anti-aliasing and 100% scale, radeon settings have optimize image qualite profile (19.9.2), such a problem in all games. Help me solve it. 

cpu: Mobile QuadCore AMD Ryzen 5 3550H, 3672 MHz (36.75 x 100)

gpu: Vega 8 Graphics / rx 560x (4gb)

memory: 8gb

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Adept I

I have a Ryzen 5 2600 + RX 580 and the same problem in many games, not all tho. It's that weird aliasing/jagged/shimmering effect on many edges. Some games such as GTA V and Destiny 2 are really bad. I've already tried everything, reinstalling old drivers, maxing game graphics, changing graphics via radeon settings to overide game settings, reinstalling Windows, cleaning PCI slot... Nothing really seemed to do the trick. Increasing anti-aliasing seems to work a bit in some games, but very little. The shimering effect is still intense. Doing some research I've found many people complaining about the same issue but not a single solution worked for me, so I'm not even sure anymore if it isn't some sort of problem with the game itself or I'm excessively critical, Idk. Hope someone can help you (us) lol