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Journeyman III

Help me to Choose

#please help me 😞‌ 

Hello Guys,

I am a professional designer,

I can build budget pc

I am confused between ryzen 5 3600 or ryzen 7 2700X

Basically I can am using for graphics design, video editing, animation

Please suggest me best


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Big Boss

for pure workload the 2700X is a little faster - simply because it has 2 more cores
but the upgraded to the 3700X is only 60 bucks more - and its significantly stronger than the 2700X

what is your budget and where are you from - i maybe can help you with planning your built

PC: R7 2700X @PBO + RX 580 4G (1500MHz/2000MHz CL16) + 32G DDR4-3200CL14 + 144hz 1ms FS P + 75hz 1ms FS
Laptop: R5 2500U @30W + RX 560X (1400MHz/1500MHz) + 16G DDR4-2400CL16 + 120Hz 3ms FS

if you really want to throw money, just go EPYC


if he is talking about a 2700X or 3600 he is considering a 200-250$ price point = 4000 bucks for a Threadripper 3990X is no option then xD
always stay "rooted in the soil" ("bodenständig" in german - dont know the correct phrase for english)

PC: R7 2700X @PBO + RX 580 4G (1500MHz/2000MHz CL16) + 32G DDR4-3200CL14 + 144hz 1ms FS P + 75hz 1ms FS
Laptop: R5 2500U @30W + RX 560X (1400MHz/1500MHz) + 16G DDR4-2400CL16 + 120Hz 3ms FS

But since you are going cheap, FX would suffice

On Thu, Jan 9, 2020 at 10:43 AM Alexander Hixson <>

Journeyman III

Ryzen5 3600 has better performance but ryzen7 2700X has 8 cores, if you use all of the cores you'll get more power. For me I'd choose Ryzen5 3600 cause of my gaming addiction. But if you use it just graphic design you must choose ryzen7

I own and run both Ryzen 7 2700X and Ryzen 5 3600, build info here:



I would go with the Libertas budget build but use a higher spec Ryzen 3000 series processor next time.
I can run the Ryzen 5 3600 at up to 4.175GHz with RAM running at 3200MHz.
I would go for at least a 3700X since the Wraith Prism RGB cooler is an additional performance upgrade, along with the processor.
Upgrading the cooler on the CPU is definitely worth it if you go for a Ryzen 5 3600.
Swapping over to a Wraith Prism RGB cooler gave me 9.77% performance improvement versus using the original cooler that came with the Ryzen 5 3600.

The memory controller seems better on the Libertas Ryzen 3000 series build, although I only have 16GB of RAM on that machine versus the 64GB on the Maximus build.
The RAM is from Corsair on both builds, but different type.
I need to swap the RAM between machines, and run MEMTEST86 and Karhu RAM Test to test if the Memory Controller really is better.
I have not had the time to do it yet.

The Ryzen 2700X runs at 4.3GHz, and up to 4.375 GHz for benchmarking. It has 2 more cores, gives better Cinebench results. It is running 64GB of 3200MHz RAM. The high spec and cost motherboard and AIO cooler help me hit those speeds, along with some serious work on BIOS settings. I had a tough time running 64GB of RAM on a 2700X at the rated speed. You can read about that here: Asus ROG Crosshair Hero VII, Ryzen 2700x, Corsair Vengeance RGB (Pro) 3200 4x16GB Memtest86 failures... 

Journeyman III

I would go with the 3700X it's a little more money ($50-$70) like the others said above but the performance gain is worth it.